I titled this one never say never because I’d been pretty darn certain that I would never really ‘get’ the animal print thing and that I wasn’t interested in the whole peplum {defined as a short over-skirt or ruffle attached to the waistband of a garment – thank Wiki} trend. Enter the ever cool adn stylish Liv from Wait Until the Sunset and a little bit of clothes swapping and here I am. And I think I’m a little bit in love.

And I know Hubby is too just quietly.

I think the peplum bit just adds a little bit of funky and coverage where it’s needed. And personally being a pretty straight up and down shape really, it adds a waist. I’ve seen the trend over at ASOS with skirts and tops as well as at Virtu with a cute {and versatile} black Keira jacket. Having previously given them a wide birth should they add bulk where it was not needed, I think I might have to revisit them. Did I mention I’m a little bit in love?

Do you do peplum?

Peplum leopard top – ASOS Curve {swapped}
Dress {worn as skirt} – ASOS Curve
Heels – Emerson for Big W
Necklace – No idea {swapped}
Belt {from another dress} – Target
{no brand relationships currently exist}
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