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Lately, I’ve been living out of my laundry basket. You know the one, the clean clothes you wash, never really get around to folding or putting away. Day after day I reach for the same pieces while a closet full of clothes sits overstuffed and waiting in the wings. Clothes that spill from the draws and shelves, bust out of the hanging space where they are lined up in doubled up pairs.

So it’s time!

Time to clean out my closet. Time to get serious about the clothes I wear and the ones I never wear. The clothes I love and the clothes I tolerate because I think one day I might wear them again. But I need to get real about when, or even if, that is ever going to happen again. Which it probably isn’t. Time to let go.

But I need a plan, right!?

Of course, I do, I always need a plan.

So this is it, let me lay it out for you in case you are going to take this as a bit of a nudge towards the overstuffed closet in your house. Because cleaning out gives you space and room to see what’s there in your closet so you can utilise it. Those crammed draws and jam-packed hanging space just don’t lend themselves to easy access to your clothes. Right? So let’s do this.

My closet clean out plan;

  1. Pull everything out. Every. Single. Thing.
  2. Divide into rubbish, donate, sell/giveaway and keep piles.
  3. Revise the keep pile by trying EVERYTHING on. Move to other piles as required.
  4. Get rid of the rubbish and donate piles before I change my mind.
  5. Bring in a friend at this stage if I’ve still got too much.
  6. Pack the sell/giveaway items into a storage tub and set aside.
  7. Replace items I’m keeping in wardrobe.
  8. Drink copious amounts of wine to celebrate.
  9. Do my best not to sneak back into the discard piles and take things back.

So there you go! My closet clean out plan. Which, all going well, should occur this Friday. Because I need to look at what I’ve got, what I need and all those kind of things before I go to Melbourne at the end of the month. Because let’s face it, I need to know now if I need ONE MORE white t-shirt or if I’ve got it covered. Okay. So I already know the answer to that.

But onwards! Wish me luck.

  • I’ll be joining you on this mission. I have a lot of clothes that don’t fit me anymore and they make me feel bad about myself. I need to get rid of the “just in case I magically get thin” pile and start buying clothes that make me feel amazing.

    • Oh awesome! A couple of the ladies on Facebook and Twitter are too. Go team! And life’s too short to stare at clothes that make you feel bad, out with the old, I say!

  • I know all about the “waiting to loose weight” syndrome. Every year after christmas I do a purge & every year the donate pile gets smaller because I sell some on Poshmark. This is a very good thing, so onward and upward!!

    • Oh yeah, we’ve all been there right? The waiting, the one day pile. This is a good idea, the Christmas purge. I always have a few weeks off around that time so it’d be a good habit to get into. Might keep me on track for at least some of the year! 😉

  • Cinbec

    I so need to do that and not just with my clothes!

    • Ahhh yeah, my kitchen and spare rooms could use the same treatment, for sure!

  • Bek

    I have a ton of clothes I’ve managed to cull, but they’re still in boxes waiting to be sold ‘cos I can’t make a decision on how/where to sell them! Any tips?

    • Oh, I hear you. I tried to garage sale some things a while ago and people wanted $150 items for $2. I just couldn’t let them go for that. So I use Facebook sales (on my blog page) and before that I sold a lot on eBay. The girls I know use Facebook buy and sell groups for plus size women (just search for them and get yourself added to the group) with great success and even hosted a market with other ladies. Hope that helps!

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