A few weeks ago I popped down to the post office for the second time in one day to fetch a parcel no one could seem to find. To say I was grumpy would be an understatement except that I was REALLY excited for this package to get here so I absolutely got over it. My package was found and with it there was a second, smaller parcel with my name written in unfamiliar handwriting… My name was even spelt right, which hardly ever happens with unsolicited parcels so I was surprised. Hmmmm. The plot thickens.

Thankfully this person had also been as diligent with their portion of the parcel addressing type section thing and there was the name of the mystery sender. A friend who’s not so far away any more. she drove through my town recently enough and wondered if I lived nearby. ARGH. Someone who I’ve never really had a decent amount of time in the same place with but who I feel like is my friend. A real friend. She’s an Internet celeb, so try not to be jealous, I bet she’d be your friend too if you asked. She’s just lovely like that. Any ideas who? I’ll tell you later and be a name dropping weirdo, promise. But first let’s talk about this adorable navy dress that was IN the parcel.

This dress could have been made for me and my tan boots and belt. It was like it was lined up for us from the start. the colour, I love. The pattern. The cut and the style. All great for me. PLUS it’s a light cotton sort of material and I plan on wearing it all year round. When I finally, FINALLY put my boots away {trust me, it was even too hot when I took these photos but I was DETERMINED} I have some cute eBay tan strappy heels that will take their place. Win. Suffice to say I am hugely grateful for the gift and it’s about as perfect as it can be. Don’t you think?

It’s a new firm favourite. Thank you Chantelle.

Dress –  Pure Energy for Target.com {size 4}

Belt – Autograph

Boots – SARA {sold out – others}

{some brand associations apply, please see my disclosure policy}

  • I knew you would ROCK that dress. And you do. Looks HOT. xxx {And you’re totally welcome. Thank you for your lovely friendship}. 🙂

    • Thanks for thinking of me gorgeous! I love, love it. And agree. Your friendship is so much appreciated. Group huuuuug. 😉

  • WHY didn’t you bring this to Melbourne? The whole outfit is amaze!

    • It was in the wash and would have needed to be ironed. I don’t iron at the best of times, let alone when travelling. Haha. Thanks hun. xo

  • LOVE that dress! That print is all kinds of cool… and it looks fab on you 🙂

  • The dress is GORGEOUS!! American Target has such cool stuff, you rock that outfit 🙂 x

    • Soooo gorgeous! The BEST stuff. I’ve been admiring it online ever since I Googled the name on the tag. Thank you Lauren. 🙂

  • Love navy on you and birdie prints always make me happy.
    Gorgeous look lovely 🙂

  • Is the dress only available from the US?

  • river

    Oooh! There’s those gorgeous boots again!
    oh wait, you were talking about your dress….. it’s very nice, I like it.

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