I went to the ‘snacks’ cupboard at our office today. I work with my Mum, we share an office. I knew I was pretty much out of appropriate snacks and was going to pinch some of the plain Kettle chips she had rolling around in there and say nothing more about it. Reaching for them, I drew the packet almost soundlessly from the cupboard. Bypassing my almonds and rice crackers, craving the salt. Placing them on the desk, I attempt to open them. But they won’t budge. They are open, but not. They’ve been stapled shut.

She’s a total wake up to me. My Mother. Well played, lady, well-played.

My family, we love staples. Staplers. The act of stapling. I hem pants with staples. Have done for almost my entire ‘adult’ life. The odd skirt too, but I find that the staples can loosen up and scratch you on the thigh with skirts. So not always the best option. I’ve stapled work blouses shut when they gap at that stupidly place middle boob button. I staple money to notes on where to spend it. I staple papers together like no ones business {who knew, its for PAPER! Gasp}. And I’ve even been known to staple the laces of my shoes to stop them fraying. A short-term solution, but a solution none the less.

Is it any wonder really that my Mother staples her chips? Apparently stapling, it’s genetic.

  • Clair

    Had to have a wee laugh at this post. My eldest son also loves a good staple. His sister though not so much due to  his stealth attack of her when they were younger. He thought it would be funny to staple her undies to her singlet in a wedgie attack. She was most upset…wait till i tell mum she yelled. I just about wet myself laughing. 

    • Haha. That little dude could come and live with my family and no one would even bat an eyelid. Stapling is just what people do. And the stapled wedgie, genius. 😛 

  • How did you live all these years with short nails when you are a staple addict? Do you carry a staple remover key ring?

    • Pretty much. I can pry out a staple with just about anything. I still don’t use my nails, in case it stabs me. I hate the thought of being stabbed. Eeeek.

  • It would seem that the staple in your family is stapling boom, boom, thank you I’ll be here all week.

  • That’s hilarious!!
    I don’t wear button up shirts because of the gape factor.
    Why did I never think of stapling it??

    • I have no idea. It’s worth it. Makes half my corporate style shirts wearable. Not that I bother much these days, but it does. 😉 

  • lol that’s hilarious!!!

  • Oh yes, she’s a tricky one.
    I like lists too, actually. 😉

  • Brigid @ The Inspired Notebook

    Thankyou for the excellent idea Melissa! As much as I tell myself that Kettle chips are much healthier than Smiths – and we always buy the plain ones too – we could definitely use some staples on chip packets around here.
    You didn’t say whether you pulled out the staple remover or not. The staples wouldn’t last long at our place!!

    • No, I was totally foiled by the staple. I just wasn’t THAT hungry. Haha. Kettle chips ARE better. They taste better that makes them healthier, right?

  • Thanks or giving me a morning giggle. I’m a stationery addict too – so I get it.

  • sheribombblog

    I’m a total stapler too. The clothes, belts, everything!

  • I love this! I used to have a boss who used to take things off the fax machine and staple them before all the pages had printed!

    • Haha. LOVE IT. Makes me want to staple something RIGHT NOW actually. 😉

  • river

    I staple stuff too, but never hems, I’ll sew those and I solved the “boob gap” by buying bigger shirts. They hang on me like a sack, but at least the boob area doesn’t gape as I’m moving around bagging groceries. At home I wear tees so there’s no gap problem. I don’t staple food packages either, in my house it’s pegs or bulldog clips. As a checkout chook, I’ll ask you, do you remove the staples from money before using it? Notes with staples can’t be fed into the change machines when we need more coins in the till.

    • Yes, I remove staples! I love removing them almost as much as I love stapling them in there. Haha.

      and I will NOT buy a bigger shirt. Ever! Baaahaha.