It wasn’t that long ago that I was complaining about sharing. Then it was our anniversary and I was annoyed again, so I just went and got one for him. Dear Hubby, you’re welcome, Love Me. Since then the setting up, the learning, the questions have started. Bit by bit he has retreated into the world of the iPad. He’s disappeared. I’ve lost him. Serves myself right. I should have shared.

It reminded me of something.

I was pretty darn excited to get my iPad. It was a post investment house settlement gift to myself last year. I waited for it to arrive from Apple. I planned my trips to the cafes and parks to blog. I dreamt and planned and got more and more excited. Then one day, it was here! That day I bundled myself up on the couch and learnt everything I could about it.

He raised an eyebrow at me.

It was bushier than usual. I remember these things.

Don’t you bring that into bed with you, he said.

Errr, what? I said. Why would I bring it to bed? You know, other than reading and movies and tv and stuff like that…

No wait, why would that be a problem, huh?

He went on to explain that the glow from my phone was bad enough, constant enough. That he just couldn’t handle a super sized version of it. I looked deep into his eyes and knew what was going on. He was jealous. Jealous that I had them. Jealous that he didn’t. Jealous that I spent more time on the phone then I did on him {that was too much right? I didn’t mean literally. Much}.

So I rolled my eyes and promised I wouldn’t bring it to bed.

But I totally did.

And here we are. 12 months and another iPad later and the tables have turned my friends. Like, turned turned. I swear to god that thing is attached to his arms where his hands used to be. He loves it. He takes it to work to work on it, works on it at home, plays on it at home and then sleeps with it playing sweet sweet music as he drifts off to sleep.

It’s a fleeting obsession, right?

He’ll come back to me sooner or later.



Stupid bought my husband an iPad and now he loves it more than me…


  • Perhaps we could start a support group? I lost Stu when I foolishly purchased him one not long after they were first released *sigh*

    • Sigh. Hi, I’m Melissa and my husband left me for invoicing anywhere he wants on the iPad…

      Stu! Go back to your lovely wife!

  • Tara Louise

    I can totally relate to this post! I am the one whinging about the bright glow and light in my eyes when i’m trying to go to sleep. It does take over their lives. I’ve band the iPad from the bed for the moment – it hasn’t lasted really. If he comes to you, I’d love to know how you did it! 🙂

    • Well, I’ll keep you posted. There’s going to be a stand off sooner or later I think. Not sure who’s going to cave first… 😉

  • Mrs Catch

    Hehe. I also have crossed to the dark side. I love it.
    Mrs Catch

    Sent from my iPad

  • Helen

    Thanks for the lesson…. I am new to this iPad/ blogging thing, and it is very addictive and my husband is having that same conversation with me. In a years time, when it is our next anniversary, I will share 🙂

  • HaHa Thats a funny Post!
    I am smart I bought my wife a kindle (no light) as it is I get in strife for the glow from my ipod, when I choose what I am going to listen to while I go to sleep.

  • Amy

    I love my husband having an iphone and ipad.

    Years before, before apple first came out with the original iPhone, he would come home from work, jump straight on the computer to check e-mails, blogs, memes, facebook- and of course, get stuck there for hours. We’d hardly communicate, fight a little, and it was a spot of tension in our relationship.

    Enter the iPhone (and later iPad), and now he can check these things on the train on the way home. He walks in the door feeling ‘up to date’ and ready to engage straight away into family life. It’s a huge change (and of course, has a lot to do with the fact that we’ve both grown up a lot since we got married), and one for the better.

    Make sure you download all those cool games that you can play with each other, but on your own iPad (like Monopoly). It’s a great way to use your technology to connect.

    • Dude. This is SUCH a great idea. And yes, I know what you mean about growing into your relationship. Me being able to talk about it is a sure fire sign. The younger me would have been WAY too huffy about it to see the funny side or to even bring it up.