Every year as the clock ticks over to a new year I have a plan. A list. A set of goals to guide me through the New Year. 2012 was no different. And although I didn’t share them here, they still exist on paper. There is a magic in writing out your goals, I believe. Everything I have created in my life has come from having a clear purpose to achieve them. That’s the main reason that when I spotted these products I sent an email with OMG YOUR STUFF IS SO COOL to the Mi Goals people. What an amazing product, I raved. Having not even seen it myself yet, I knew it.

When I did receive the diary and desktop calendar in the mail my YAY’s were confirmed. Quality product with just enough space {for my big handwriting}. Not that I got to write in it. My Dad dropped by for a visit and upon seeing the diary claimed it {politely} as his own. He hadn’t written out his goals for the year yet. We both shook our head. He knows better than that. So what, I said, you’re just bumping around 2012 without a plan!? Geeez. He laughed and smiled. Indeed. He was.

I’m not too worried, I can get another one online for $29.95 or in a New Years special bundle with the calendar for $39.95 or in the Mi Goals bundle with the diary, calendar, notes and inspire notebooks for $69.95. Now, all I have to do is decide and place the order. I just ordered the Goals book yesterday because I wanted it to put my blogging goals for 2012 in there so they have their own special place. Enough raving, now it’s time for YOU to win some stuff.


MiGoals has offered a prize pack to one lucky Suger reader. You will receive ONE OF EVERYTHING in the MiGoals range. The 2012 Diary, Goals, Inspire and Notes books and Desktop Calendar. To be in the running to win, tell me your biggest, fattest, hairiest goal for 2012. Hubby and I will judge the winner based on passion shown for the goal. So share it with us and be in the running to win. A goal shared, is a goal given REAL power, I strongly believe that. For a bonus entry or two follow Mi Goals on Facebook or Twitter or share the link to this post. Make sure you leave a comment letting me know it’s done, in case I miss it.

Now the nitty gritty;

Entries close: 27th February at 7pm.
Winner announced: Soon after that.  
The winner should contact me within 7 days of the announcement post or a new winner will be chosen.
No way to contact you, no win. Be sure to leave an email address or similar.

  • Beck @ Rambling Mummy

    What a beautiful Diary set.
    My biggest fattest goal for 2012…

    Well I have 2 🙂 (cant decide between them)

    To finally suck it up and lose 15 kgs – I set the wheels in motion but they always seem to fall off when I get to the 5-8kg mark

    Second is to save up for a family Holiday, I have been on one holiday in my life and that was my honeymoon. The plan is to save up and head to beautiful QLD to spend sometime with the family and best of all see a few lovely ladies!!

    fingers crossed

    • GREAT! You’ll be awesome. And gotta love a goal that sees you visiting me in QLD.

  • Trina

    Our biggest goal this year is to finally go on our trip to Birdsville and now also up to Ayers Rock. We have been planning for years and never gone. We decided this year is our year. Come hell or high water we are going whether we have the money or not.

    I read once in one of the 4wd Magazines that if you waited until you had everything you would never go. So we mightn’t have everything but we are going!

    That I am also determined to lose the bulk of this weight this year. It is like having a second job some days but I will get there.

    • YES! Great. That 4WD mag is dead on, for most things. If you waited until life was perfect, you’d never do anything. Good luck!

  • stinkb0mb

    i *love* this range of products, when you first tweeted about them, i clicked over to check them out and wanted some but do to our commitment not to buy anything new this year, couldn’t buy any .

    i have two goals for this year. one i shall not speak about [but you know] and the other is about shedding the false me – my weight. underneath all my weight, lies me, the real me, the me without all the bullshit, the anger, the bitterness – the me that frolicks in happiness but that has been drowned by fat over the years by failure after failure.

    the false me, decided to find and then unleash the real me at the start of the year by losing 50.6kg this year. that’s my end goal. i may reach it this year or i may reach it next year but i do know that every kilogram that comes off, is one step closer to being me again – in all my glory. i’ve lost nearly 10kg so far and now that i have, now that i know that with a bit of effort and determination I CAN DO IT, i’ve thrown away the scales [not literally] and am just focused on eating cleaner and most importantly exercising every day.

    YOU, Melissa, were my inspiration behind even thinking i could tackle the couch to 5k, me a runner, pfffft unlikely but in attempting it, it’s given me such a powerful shot of confidence. in only 2 weeks i’ve developed a definite runners stride [still shocked by that one], now don’t go thinking i will ever be confused as a runner but there is a definite runners style to my stride now when i do the run portions. i’m feeling fitter and i can see my body shape changing.

    the best part about being determined to lose my weight this year? i know that when i do, i’ll have increased greatly, my chances of ticking off that other, life changing, long awaited for, long tried for goal and there can be NO greater motivation than that – something i know you understand.


    p.s. i have followed Mi Goals on twitter and liked them on Facebook.

  • Deb @ Home life simplified

    I found this through you a week or so ago and was in awe – i so need their products and think they are awesome.

    My biggest fattest hairiest goal is to turn my “ideas” that led me to create my business (Home life simplified) last year into an actual income generating business and career. After 8 1/2 years at home raising 2 kids this is my time – to shed my fears, be open to the world to judge my ideas and vision and help other people the way I dream in my head right now. Every day I put myself out there I am one step closer, but it is the scariest thing I have ever done. My first specific step forward is a project in the works to bring workshops to market for women about self care – launch target is May!

    I have liked mi goals on FB and following on twitter (@find your simple)

    • This is wonderful Deb! Just great. I look forward to attending one of those workshops. Good luck!

  • My biggest goal this year is to rid myself of the “what ifs”.

    “What if” I do this and I fail.
    “What if” nobody likes what I do/say
    “What if” something bad happens
    “What if” it’s the wrong thing to do

    Yep, gotta get me rid of the “what ifs”! That’s my biggest, fattest, hairiest goal of the year!

    • stinkb0mb

      “what if you do this and succeed!”
      “what if – everybody absolutely loves everything you do and say” – and who cares if they don’t! revel in your unique voice, as long as you love what you do and say.
      “what if something absolutely fabulous beyond all your expectations happens!”
      “what if the wrong thing to do, actually turns out to be the right thing to do!”

      regret what you’ve done, rather than what you’d wished you’d done.

      you can do it!!

    • Exactly! Get rid of those negative What Ifs and replace them with some of the ones Rach suggested. Good luck!

  • I have no goals for 2012. I’m goal free, just drifting along through my life. Ha Ha.

  • Jen R

    My goal is get my business Now Let It Go… Organisational Consultant,( working with the Elderly who ar downsizing or going into Age Care facilities sort their belongings, pack, scan their pics and put them on a digital frame, help them sell unwanted items online etc), up and running and making some money to support my kidlets and me. Very excited to be not nursing and trying something new 🙂

    • Amy

      Oh my gosh Jen, we totally could have done with you twelve months ago when moving my father in law into aged care. What a fantastic business idea!

    • This is ALL KINDS OF WONDERFUL. Good luck in 2012. I think this will be very successful.

  • Amy

    My husband and I have a new ‘Shit to get done’ (am I allowed to swear here?) list each week. We’ve spent too many years putting off the little things- insurance policies to sign up for, superannuations to switch over, items to return to people.

    So far we’ve done so many productive things in our life and all through a small, 5-6 item ‘STGD’ (there, that’s better, no foul language!) list each week.

    Sometimes, it’s all the tiny things you keep putting off that become the biggest, hairiest goal of all.

    • Amy

      I’ve shared the post on facebook & I like migoals on twitter 🙂

    • Yeah, I suppose you can use the S word here. 😉

      This is great. Sometimes a goal has to be getting a mass of little things done. Good luck.

  • Amanda

    Love the look of them!

    This year is all about change for us. Three weeks ago we were told that my hubby was successful in getting a new job. This meant though that we will be moving from WA to NSW. The last few years have been really tough, loss of a job, a lot of sickness, extreme stress and unsettledness, this new job means that the goal of overcoming those things is well on its way to completion.

    However, the goal that I have which includes all of this is to relocate without going insane. Settle in and make new friends. Settle my kids and set them up in their new house and space. Become more settled where I am, feel myself again and regain my health.

    Considering I’m at the start of week four out of 8 for our moving schedule, I think I’m going ok so far. Moving is extremely stressful so my goal is to come out the other end of this as a sane person.

    I could see this set helping me to reorganise our life at the other end as I go through the process of changing addresses, schools etc etc. On the other side of this is my absolute love of all things stationery. I will need to set myself up again as Phoenix Trader (card and stationery company) so I have carefully packed these and put them as a priority box for the move. I just want to do all of this the best way I can!

    • Wow! Good luck on the big move. I’m sure this will be just the beginning you and your family were looking for.

      And what’s this about stationary? I LOVE stationary. 😀

  • Zoe

    Ouh! I would love anything that could send me in the right direction for the year!

    This year my main goal is to register my photography business and finally start calling myself a photographer when people ask me what I do. I’m damn proud of what i do and am sick of disguising myself as a stay at home mum so to avoid questions from more glorified photographers. I have come to realize that I may not be as good as some but I love what I do and it’s time to let people know.

    I’m scared, but excited at the same time. It’s massive for me.

    Get behind me and make it happen!!


    • Hear hear! Get your butt out there girl. I always tell people you’re a photographer, mum and student. Triple threat. 😉
      Good luck. xo

  • Not entering, but I just wanted to say how much I love the Mi Goals diary! I bought one for my diary this year, i’ve been a firm moleskine planner kind of girl, but the design in this was calling me. I am super impressed with it!

    • Thanks for sharing your experience Nat. I love that you find a new quote of awesome every now and again as you go through. Looking forward to trying out my goal book when it arrives.

  • Ohh they are so nice, gotta be in it to win it huh?
    I have so many goals this year, but the biggest one is to start turning my business with my love of vintage into everything I’ve been wanting. It’s been a dream since high school and with me heading towards mid thirties it’s time.

    Win or lose the comp, at the end the day out of all the things I have on my goals list this year (and I have a lot family, business, blogging, personal, relationship), if I’m living by my words of the year “GO” ………to give everything a “GO” , regardless of fears of reactions, outcomes and results, if I can just give it all a “GO” I will be a winner.

    • This is great Trudie. I’m sure you’ll have an amazing 2012! Good luck.

  • Courtenay

    My biggest fattest goal this year is to become an advocate for myself! I have autoimmune illnesses/problems, some don’t have a name yet, which may partly be due to my lack of advocate-ness (It’s a word if you can spell it!).

    I’ve realised I’ve just taken what the Doctors and Specialists have said and gone with it, even if I don’t necessarily agree with it or understand it. I have decided that I need to speak up when I don’t agree with what is being done, I need to stand my ground and ask for what I think (or know) I need and ask questions if it is refused. (Big example, the Dr here at home said because nothing is on my X-rays no need to do an MRI, this didn’t seem right, when I got my second opinion out of town, the Dr was appalled because the MRI shows things first. I had a feeling it should have been done, but never said anything).

    I need to ask more questions, get more answers and be better informed! My health is mine, not anybody else’s. I know what it is like living in my weird, wonderful and often confusing body, the Doctors don’t, my parents don’t, the dog doesn’t, only I know what hurts when, or what happens if I exhaust myself. If I don’t speak up, I’m just letting myself down. It has been a long few years of appointments, tests and guessing, I’m hoping by listening to my body and standing up for myself, I will find more answers!

    • This is an AWESOME goal. Go get it lady. You said it so well, you’re the only one that knows. Good luck!

      • Courtenay

        Thanks! I forgot to mention I found your blog through the MiGoals Facebook page and love it!

        • Oh great! I’m glad you’re enjoying now you’ve had time to look around.

  • This year I have decided to boycott resolutions, because I always break them, but there are a few things I am adamant about doing in 2012.

    I will give birth to a beautiful baby.
    I will do so without the assistance of drugs.
    I will finally convince my son that it’s not so bad doing a poo in the toilet and he doesn’t have to hold it in to poo in his night nappy.

    And last, but not least, I WILL give up smoking, and I will smell attractive again!

    • Oh yes, resolutions are just too easy to forget come February or March. Worthy goals for 2012 for sure. Go kick its butt! Good luck.

  • It’s hard for me to write my goals down. They are always swimming around in my mid, and are constantly edited, added to. I feel like when I write them down, I strive to make them happen, and the idea of a product that makes it easier and clearer sounds like something that everyone should have.

    My 2012 had goals planned back in June 2011. The day I heard about Full Figured Fashion Week in New York I knew I needed to go. There was something inside of me that felt like it needed to happen. All of my teenage life has been a struggle with fitting in, feeling confident and loving myself. Too many times I would avoid going out, hiding in my bedroom, hiding behind layers of makeup and heavy hair because I hated the way I looked, my body, how I was perceived. In the past few years I have learnt about how to express the person inside. The first time I wrote on my blog, my life became clearer, and while it’s taking it’s time to come together, with a few roughy patches, fashion and being able to express myself creatively through writing and the way I dress is something I would love to celebrate with like minded people. I plan to attend New York this year and celebrate who I am and the person I am growing to be.

    My second, and more important goal is something I thought I would ever share online. But for you, Aunty Suger, the love of my blogging life, is the issue of my weight. So many people will roll their eyes and tell me to stop eating shit food, to work out and I’ll loose weight. I’m not an idiot. I eat extremely well. I live a stupidly extreme, overworking lifestyle where I am on my feet most of the day. I’ve tried diets and pills and shakes and it doesn’t work for me. I’ve been overweight my entire life, and when I celebrated my 21st birthday, I didn’t want to be the fat, ugly girl. I was. In a custom made dress because nothing else would fit me.
    This year I am in the process of finding out about, and will most likely have Lap Band surgery. I have spoken with many doctors, I have spoken many patients who have reaped the benefits of hard work and the assistance of the band. I know the risks, I know the benefits, I know how it could harm me, how it can be removed, replaced, titled and loosened. I know that many think it’s a cop out, but when I was told it would help me save my life, I knew it was an option to take.

    As I write this, I am in tears because my life is full of amazing things. I have a supportive family that love me very much, I have access to education (that is literally swallowing me whole) and I have so many opportunities to do many great things. I have spent my whole teen and adult life (thus far) helping, assisting, building love and lives for others and this year I want to give myself an opportunity to live a healthier life. I’m sick of feeling like a fat, ugly person. I want to get married, have babies, live an amazing life. That’s my goal, and if it take me 5 years to look like a bombshell in a killer dress, then so be it. Let’s get it started.

    Caitlin Bradley
    Closet Confessions

    • My dear friend. I hear you. I hear you loud and clear.

      Now hear me. You are so beautiful, talented, fun and have a heart of gold. The very first day you believe that everything you want for yourself will be miles closer. You do what you need to do. You’re an adult with a ridiculously clear head on your shoulders. But do it with love for yourself in your heart. Be as kind and wonderful to yourself as you have always been to me. Big love, Aunty Suger. 🙂

      Thank you for your honesty. I know this took something for you to write it here. We love you for that.

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