Let me welcome to Friends of Suger – Your Style, a lady who if you sit next to her at a blog meet, sooner or later will cause you to snort or spit food and/or drink back out of your mouth. You’ll be laughing, of course, she doesn’t have poor table manners. I met Mrs BC for the first time at a Hello Blogger Events event. Her blog is Mrs BC’s House of Chaos. Which I LOVE and not just because I have won TWO awesome give-aways there. She’s one of those people who are incredibly warm and make you feel welcome. She also has a unique but traditional look. I always manage to find something she’s wearing that I just LOVE. So this is going to be fun, let’s find out how her style happened.


When I was much younger, I loved the look of sleek, chic business-like women. It didn’t get much better than a suit with a tight pencil skirt, and very high heels. On weekends, I’d swap out the skirt for a pair of jeans. I had an awesome sleek bobbed haircut – a look I still like actually.

Then, I started loving op shops, & my style went a little bit punk. I like to think not too much, but I definitely remember actually shaving my hair off, above the ears. I wore a lot of bright patterns, black boots & large earrings. Note that I still rocked a blazer. I loved my look, but hardly anyone else loved my hair. I didn’t care at all, because I was dressing for me & no one else!

Fast forward a few years & my taste tried to marry conservative take-me-seriously suits with do-you-think-those-shoes-are-really-work-appropriate kind of accessories. Sometimes this was successful. My hair started out with a business like bob but then went to can’t –be-arsed long, long wavy hair.

Now that I no longer have to worry about corporate requirements, I find that my style is very much about comfort, albeit with a love of bright colours. I am more a tight arse than ever when it comes to clothes, so still try & op-shop when I can although, I am queen of the specials rack. If you pop over to my blog you can see how I now –gasp!-cut my own hair. I still love high heels, but they just aren’t practical for the clothesline. *sigh*

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  • Thanks for having me Suger! And thanks for your kind words, but did you have to stretch the photo to look so wide?LOL! 🙂

    • You’re welcome.

      I didn’t think I did edit the pic. I’ll check the sizing. Who cares, you look HOT!

  • Sarah

    I love your colour mixing. Very funky!

    Did suger stretch out the photo to fit your awesomeness in? lol.

  • Love, love, love!!
    So bright, colourful and fun – much like you!

  • You are AWESOME for embracing colour. I want to wear more colour! x

  • Sheri Bomb

    BABE! I would have loved to see you rockin out in your shaved hair and big boots! Although I still love to see you rockin out now 🙂

  • Lisa you look so cute!! I love colour but dont think it suits me very much. We have the same haircut woohoo.
    I bet you brighten days when you walk into a room

    • Lisa is all kinds of awesome. The colour is only half of it. 😉

  • Hello Mrs BC,I love your dress!
    It almost makes me wish I wore dresses….
    I’m wearing more colour myself these days, and there’s even a “girly” t-shirt or three in my drawer.
    I still love the plain black ones, but I seem to have “found” myself since the divorce and the new me is wearing colours.

  • Looking gorgeous! I really need to learn to be brave and wear colour 🙂

    • Yes, you do! With your colouring some bright colour would just be beautiful. Trust Suger. 😉

  • You Guys!! *Blushing furiously*

    Thank you all so much for your kind words & a big colourful hug to Suger, for having me!