So let’s talk shorts again. These are a long short from Autograph that come in their pull on secret jean style. Which, is my favourite for comfort. You want to know a secret? I HATE buttons. I really do. I always end up with a button in my belly or something equally annoying. Sure, it’s probably because my wants are too tight but I have to buy them smaller so they fit my butt and legs. It’s a lifelong issue for me. So when it came to pull on pants and jeggings, well I was in. Style “rules” be damned. Right?

I emailed Autograph asking for this pair of shorts because a lot of ladies mentioned on the other posts that they hate showing their knees or shorter shorts. Don’t ever say I don’t listen to you guys. I do, promise. Shorties be warned, these shorts are quiet long shorts. BUT, they are a lovely pale blue and white stripe and the inside of the material is pale blue. Absolutely perfect for a bit of roll up hemming. No sew hems, I love. 

So I grabbed these and they made the perfect outfit with cream wedges for a dressy casual lunch. I didn’t wear the shirt buttoned up for long, it was too hot. TOO HOT. Even if it is a really light material… for me, when it comes to being in the sun I like to keep covered up a little bit. Let’s face it, it’s less sunscreen I have to use. just keep the layers light. It’s just too hot not to.

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With a tunic.

With a t-shirt.

Singlet – Avella for BigW
Denim Shirt – New Look
Shorts – Autograph Fashion {gifted}
Wedges – Target
Bag – ASOS
Sunnies – BigW

{some brand associations apply, see my disclosure policy}

  • I knew I should have stolen that bag and shirt while I had the chance 😛

    • You should have, was sitting here the other day thinking that about the Wild Bling necklace I had on in the Dark Post. Haha.

  • Cherie

    Oh WOW you look fabulous Suger 😉 Sorry to say there comes a time in life for some of us when shorts are a definite no, no … unless you’re only on a beach. There’s a zillion alternatives like a maxi dress, a sarong or wrap other than showing off saggy knees and you’re right about saving on sunscreen 😉

    • Thanks lovely! You know me, I think you should get your saggy knees out. Haha. but I do love a maxi, sarong or wrap too. 😉

  • Gorgeous outfit. Love the shorts. And well done to Kelvin, these photographs are great 🙂

    • Thanks Dani. He did do well, You should see how many of them I’m giving him the don’t photograph me from below cranky face. I should learn to just shut up about it. Haha.

  • Rach aka Stinkb0mb

    You look fabulous BUT are we honestly calling these shorts? They aren’t shorts, they are 3/4 pants. Shorts end at literally just below the knee or higher, these end in the middle of your calves and you’re tall, so I imagine if I was to wear them, they’d look like actual pants LOL!

    I don’t do shorts, I just don’t have the legs for them, which means come summer I live in 3/4 pants but I’m forever on the look out for *light* ones that aren’t heavy, I’m still yet to find any this summer!

    • I am. Long short. I guess they are more like short or cropped pants. But heck, whatever. Roll them up, you’ll love them promise. Baaahaha. 😛

  • Joanna

    I love this outfit, You look really beautiful 🙂


    P.S. I do a plus size blog too 🙂

    • Thank you Joanna. Can’t wait to visit your blog next time I’m on my computer. 🙂