• Naomi Ellis

    Love the colour choices Melissa. I have quite a collection myself and love experimenting with new colours. N x

    • Thanks Naomi. I said to someone on twitter yesterday, I only buy colours I love, love in the shops and it seems to have worked out ok. Loving having nails to experiment on too!

  • Erika

    The silver one is my fav!! What brand is it??

    • The silver is from Sally Hansen AND you can get away with only one coat! You heard it here first ladies, ONE COAT. Genius.

  • river

    You are getting quite a collection! I love the two pinks and the silver isn’t bad either. Your nails are looking good now.

  • Yes, but I love it! They all look amazing!

  • You do have quite the collection! I have about thirty but I keep biting my nails off and can’t paint them. I need to get back on the nail growth bandwagon x

    • I do, don’t I. You should see the whole bag! Haha. The ONLY way I ended up being able to grown mine was painting them, even when they were teeny tiny so I would stop biting them. Worked out ok for me.

  • Serialstyler

    I have too many nail polishes & now I found this thing called Konad, a nail stamping thingy I have found a use for my old gluggy polishes. Now I’ll never throw them out.

    • Wait, what? Tell me mooooore!? I almost threw out one of my favourite colours ever so this may come in very very handy.