I think best when it’s quiet. In the still of the night I am clearer, more focused and if I do say so myself brilliant. It’s just too bad there’s no one else around to see it. Don’t you hate that? It’s just too bad that society is built around being awake during the day. I could really shine in a world cloaked in darkness. I’m a kid from Twilight apparently. But then, there would be people awake, ruining my quiet, so scratch that.

Sometimes when it gets late, when there is nothing left to do, I lie on my outdoor table and soak up the quiet. The sounds of the animals scratching around in the bush behind my house. The water that seems to endlessly run through the natural watercourse. The stillness and the quiet of nothing. I centre myself there. Often under the moon. I breathe it in there.

I met my Hubby under a full moon. This one actually. The Easter full moon 10 years ago. He proposed and I said yes under the next full moon. After that many, many nights were spent talking under the moon. Holding hands. Even making out. Well, especially the making out. Moments of my life from long before then to now have been marked by the moon. A powerful, ever-present reminder that I’m a night person. A token. A guide.

When’s your moment? Morning, noon or night.

  • sydneyshopgirl

    Good early crack of dawn morning, Melissa!

    I’m having some moments of darkness and stillness too.  I have a cup of tea and to keep me company as well as my thoughts.  I quite like it.

    SSG xxx

    • Melissa Walker Horn

      Good morning! Moments of stillness is what it’s all about. I’m thinking it’s either early morning or laaaate at night. Either way, it’s a quiet win.

  • Rachel from Redcliffe Style

    Hi Melissa, I love this post. I am awake a lot at night. Not by choice. I love the quiet of the world when it’s all mine. Rachel x

    • Melissa Walker Horn

      Sorry it’s not by choice. But I’m glad you found a positive in it. 🙂

  • What a beautiful story.

    I love the mornings,but sometimes wish I was a night person. I think of all those extra hours that I’d have to get stuff done -like reading blogs 🙂

    • Melissa Walker Horn

      I feel the same way about morning people sometimes! 7am is the earliest I can be out of bed without feeling nauseous or dizzy for the rest of the day. Sad, huh!

  • I am definitely a night person, but it is also a double edged sword, if things aren’t right in your world, then there is no more lonelier place than the still of night.

    Some things that make so much sense in the middle of the night, quite often don’t seem such a good idea come the light of day, so that can be a trap as well, but I love the night, the feeling of “your own world”

    • Melissa Walker Horn

      So true. The quiet can get you if you don’t watch out.

  • I like the nights too, but I also need my days. I’m so conflicted. That’s what comes of being born in the early evening. Twilight time.  Dinner time. My youngest was also born at dinner time, he’s conflicted too.

    • Melissa Walker Horn

      Well, I was born at 9am. So I’m not sure what means.

  • Night, just like you. When all is still.  And I have a thing for the full moon as well.  Not a ‘thing’ as in craziness at full moon or anything spiritual. But I’m enchanted by full moons. 

    Just as I am with rain. 

    • Melissa Walker Horn

      My thing for the moon borders on crazy. Beeeelieve me. Oh yes, the rain! I love the rain. 🙂

  • sheribombblog

    For creativity, I am a child of the night but for getting things done I am a bound out of bed and get cracking, morning person. That’s how I used to get all of my uni assignments done – wake up, go straight to the computer and smash it out…still in my pjs

    • Melissa Walker Horn

      Yes! I’m thinking for me it might be PJ’s related… I work SO well in PJ’s. Too casual Friday for the office? Yeah, probably.

  • Such a lovely post! I’m a morning, noon or night person. Whenever I can get that quiet. I’m not fussy, so it turns out! xx

    • Melissa Walker Horn

      Thanks. Ooooo, that’s a special skill that it. Go you.