Metallics and I are a bit meh, whatever. I like bronzer. I like gold, the stuff not the colour in particular. But all in all I never really go out of my way to buy metallic items. But when Liv offered to loan me this skirt after a bit of shameful longing and threats to steal it I was SUPER excited. Seriously, I wasn’t aware of how much my wardrobe needed a kick in the bum that can only come from a couple of new items, in a style that is not necessarily my own. I’ve loved it. you might have noticed, it’s basically been all Liv’s wardrobe here for the last week or two {blazer, this dress and now this skirt}.

She’s told me to back off and get my own style.ย Awkward.

Especially considering I lightened my hair a little more and cut in a fringe… Seriously, do you think she should be worried? Maybe I’m really a stalker and this whole blog was a super sneaky way of luring her into being my friend only to replicate everything about her and move in to steal her life. Creepy. Totally. But there’s one way I know that it’s not REALLY happening? I still think her work crocs are funny as hell. And I love my dashing man, no matter how lovely hers is. Haha.

Moving on!

plus size rouched skirt outfit-6 plus size rouched skirt outfit-3 plus size rouched skirt outfit-10 plus size rouched skirt outfit-2

To check out the rock chick style rocked by Liv in this skirt pop over to her post here.

And can we talk for a second about the tucked shirt line!? Yes. You looked, you can see it. Sigh. We had about 10 minutes of daylight left before we were heading out. Hubby shows me the first headshot sort of photos and I say great, let’s do this and take a million photos {as we do}. We smile and laugh. Both agreeing this outfit is hot and get back in the car and go. The next day I look at the picks and my time in the car has rolled the shirt up on one side.

You would’ve heard the f-bomb if you live close by. Sorry about that. Talk about annoying. So now after all this fuss drawing it to your attention and such I hope you’ll ignore it. And maybe lament with me that sometimes men just don’t see the details. The little things. And sometimes they are just a little distracted by a flat but in a ruched skirt.

plus size rouched skirt outfit-7 plus size rouched skirt outfit-9 plus size rouched skirt outfit-5 plus size rouched skirt outfit-4 plus size rouched skirt outfit-8

Basic Long Sleeve Top – Autograph
Skirt – Onoz {borrowed}
Shoes – Emerson for Big W
Necklace – Big W
Bag – From a gift bag



  • Olivia

    HA!!!!! I don’t mind if you style steal, although maybe that means you need to feature me in your Steal Her Style post! Especially since you’ve done the whole hair bussiness too!!! Ahahahaha!!!! ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Totally loving this skirt on you. Like you said though, the shirt lines are a bitch! I wish the material was a little bit thicker, then it would be perfect!!! xxx

    • Haha. I would be I’ve sort of been avoiding Aussie blogger’s so no one feels left out! Don’t worry though, it turns out that ALL my posts are steal her style posts. ๐Ÿ˜‰

      Thaaaaanks hun. Agree!

  • Tegan Towie

    Love this on you! even with the shirt line ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • Nadine

    I love your hair color – having it lighter takes years off you, its the perfect shade for your complexion.

    On a less lovely note….I bought the black top you are wearing from Autograph (I love to layer) and you might have heard me swear a few days post purchase.
    The side hem was cut – initially I thought that it was had just come undone but no, it has a 4cm cut.

    A top frayed and came apart after 1x3hr wear and 1x wash.

    A wrap has a hole in it after a few wears.

    A tunic frayed all the way down under a ruffle.

    I ordered in a dress, when it arrived I tried it on, the armhole didn’t sit well, I looked closely, it had been ripped, there was a hole and the fibers stretched – I showed it to them, they said “you don’t have to buy it” (wish I could demonstrate the tone). Two days later it was back on the rack at FULL PRICE waiting for some unsuspecting buyer. I popped in and had a look and casually mentioned how lovely it was, shame about the damage. She said, Oh that’s terrible, it needs to be discounted. Again a few days later it was on the rack at full price.

    Thanks Autograph – I love wasting my money.

    I write this because I am sick of poor quality clothes – has anyone else had issues?

    • Thank you!

      That does sound like a bit of poor form from the actual store. Clearly someone isn’t marking that down or removing it from sale as they should. Or are ignoring it…

      I had an issue with one dress that kept on tearing at the seams when washed, a chiffon one. I had three of them before I finally requested my money back. Sucks though, that dress was amazing. Other than that, I have at least 6 of these shirts and never had an issue {other than spilling egg or other oily foods on them and staining them. Haha}. I’d be interested to hear though! Keep me posted.

  • sheribombblog

    Love your new hair and OMG love that skirt! Makes me think of this dress from PUG…I wasn’t sure if this style would suit my body type but seeing this skirt on you is really making me want this dress now!!

    • Thank you Sheri! And YUP, you NEED this dress. I might even need this dress. Divine.

      • Olivia

        Omg Sheri you would look bangin in that dress!!!

  • Ohh, you look amazing in that skirt! I love it so much!

  • OMG. This. This. This x 1800 billion zillion.

    You should get this outfit in every color of the rainbow. Even with the shirt line, I think this is my favourite outfit you have ever worn.

    I would love this swapped around too – gold top, black skirt, gold shoes..

    • Haha. Thank you muchly. And YES! It would look amazing switched around… I wonder where I would find such things. Hmmmm.

  • Alexandra Sherriff

    This gives you FANTASTIC legs

  • Such a glam skirt. Love it! Hot outfit, totally. ๐Ÿ™‚