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I was saying to a friend the other day how incredibly proud it makes me seeing the standard and quality of the items being created and brought to market by the Australian plus-size fashion brands. Beautifully made, crafted pieces for the plus-size woman who wants to be stylish, modern and cool. Today’s feature Meri by Design is one of those brands, a luxe label boasting amazing pieces to add a little sophistication to your wardrobe.

Meri by Design Summer Range

I was feeling a little nervous about creating this post after seeing the amazing outfit created by Liv in the sequin cape. Then came the stellar Instagram photos by the Queen of Instagram herself Ashley Rose. It left me wondering how exactly I could incorporate my Meri by Design piece into an outfit that hadn’t been seen before. On more than one occasion I threw on the cape over a dress or jeans for dinner and once for a family lunch. It wasn’t until I noticed I could pull it all the way around that I worked out how I wanted to style it.

As a wrap top tucked into a high-waisted skirt. Let’s face it, not many items could stand up to the drama that this top creates, the print, the style, the luxe feel… Only one skirt would do the job. Mel’s faux leather wrap skirt from ASOS. Even if it was a million degrees and that thing is lined with fleece. A girl has to suffer for fashion sometimes. Especially if that girl wants to knock ’em dead. Don’t you think?

Meri by Design stylish plus size fashion for curvy and elegant women 001meri by design premium plus size fashion-5Meri by Design stylish plus size fashion for curvy and elegant women 003meri by design premium plus size fashion-3Meri by Design stylish plus size fashion for curvy and elegant women 002

Now you’ve seen how I wear mine, you can check out some of the items that you could make yours. Meri by Design is an uniquely positioned brand that can be described as high-end, luxury with a classic, effortless feel. The pieces would be just as at home paired with dressy thongs as it is with strappy heeled sandals for a night out. Pieces like this will be a wardrobe staple for years to come. The team at Meri by Design says their mission is to design clothes to excite with charm and class. Mission accomplished, right? Goooorgeous.

Meri by Design: stylish plus size fashion for curvy and elegant women


Check out this unique Australian brand at their website and shop allll the pretties. 

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  • Olivia

    Helllllloooo hotness! X

  • Sienna Limnios

    Hi there i came across your blog by something that i found on Pintrest . Firslty i am a plus size woman and i would like to say that i dont understand how you can write about a label that dosent make flattering plus size clothing ? I live in Australia too in Sydney and our plus size range is shocking in terms of design and in terms of availability to what designers like Rue114 , Monif C , Tadashi Sojh are doing overseas . I think plus size women need more fashion here and more fashion that is FASHION rather than drapes of material hanging off them.

    • Hi Sienna, welcome to the blog. Firstly I disagree with the line being unflattering. The shape and cut of these items wouldn’t be for everyone, but they’re beautiful and look beautiful on. When I commit to these posts I do it so that people are made aware of these brands. They decide after that. And as far as Australian fashion goes there are some brands out there that are the best in the world with genuine fashion offerings that are both cool and high quality.

  • Mel Watson

    You look hot to trot Mel! Love this outfit on you, and love the pop of colour from the shoes!

    • Thaaaaanks! I’m loving the jacket as a top thing, it’s the best. I’m already planning to do this same thing with a couple of the other ones I have.

      • Mel Watson

        I think I might try the jacket as a top thing too. I need something a little different this month or I am going to be bored with what I am wearing by next Monday lol! =)

        • Haha. I hear you lady! I already look at my items and think, stupid items, who picked these. 😉

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