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My parents were busy people. Most are, I guess. But between them they had three, sometimes four businesses and us lot. Three kids. A busy schedule of community and sporting engagements too. Busy people. Shorter version. It was a natural progression to bring in someone to help. Common sense really!

I knew then and there I wanted someone to clean my house when I grew up. Nothing beats that the whole house being fresh and clean at once thing. I’ve never been great at that myself. Fail. So hold on to your simple dreams people, because when I moved out and into my own place it was something I put in place practically from my first decent pay cheque.

A clean house on a Friday when you arrive home is a thing of joy, let me tell you. When Oneflare contacted me with a giveaway post idea I thought heck yes, you guys would totally be interested in that. And March has sort of become unofficial giveaway month on the blog. Let’s say it’s because of my birthday that is coming up shall we? FUN.

Oneflare is a one stop shop for service providers. So for example if I wanted to hire a cleaner {I’m not in the market obviously, I’m VERY happy with the one I have} I go to the website, sign up for a free account and submit my information and job description and it is passed along to verified contractors that service your area. WIN.

They then make contact with you about your job and it goes from there. Sounds good right? Given I wasn’t in the market for any services myself, I gave a go with a friend of mine who was looking for a gardener on the Sunshine Coast and she has now been happily matched with a company that met her expectations in terms of price and requirements. I say again. WIN.

Would YOU like to win a $100 voucher towards services acquired via

Well that’s just what I have on offer folks. Tell me in the comments below what your housekeeping DREAM would be {like me and my childhood I want THAT fantasy}, like on Facebook {essential} and make sure I have your email address. The giveaway will be open for TWO WEEKS so get creative. The entry deemed to be the funniest, most worthy or interesting by ME {or my selected representatives, cough my sister cough} will be the winner!


  • Seriously, it’s got to be the robot maid from the Jetsons! Wouldn’t that be the best, you get a robot and you get the housework done. That’s got to be a winner, although, from memory, she was a bit bossy.

  • Debbish

    Umm…. some less permanent version of Hire a Hubby! Like one who just visited every so often. Wait… wouldn’t that be a boyfriend? (Or… well… you know….?!) Suspect Oneflare doesn’t offer THAT kind of service?! 😉

    • Haha. It might make things a little complicated legally, I suppose. LOVE this. Nice one Deb. Good luck. x

  • Sarah Collins

    oh gosh, my parents used to hire a cleaner for a while when us kids were in primary school and early high school, and i used to run into her all the time after i left high school! so random haha. i don’t think i’d be able to afford one! no idea how much one would cost to hire lol. anyway, i’ve always wanted a house like that one on the simpsons halloween episode from years ago with pierce brosnan doing the voice of the house. it’s probably a reference to something else but oh well lol. like a robotic house that cleans for you, makes your food, runs your bath, but without the homicidal tendencies haha!

    • It’s actually not that expensive at all. You should look into it for sure. 😉

      And YES! I know that episode. I do love a good Simpsons reference. Especially love the without the homicidal tendencies bit. Haha. Good luck!

      • Sarah Collins

        i may have a look, even for just every few weeks haha i hate cleaning.
        and yep, definitely don’t want my uber house to kill me lol

  • sheribombblog

    I dream of the ULTIMATE housekeeper – a cleaner come personal chef come masseuse. I don’t think I really need to elaborate any more on that. I mean, think about it! Bliss!

    • Nice one! You are SO right. Someone to cater to your every whim? Sounds lovely. Good luck!