plus size blondie tee + leather skirt outfit asos curve-14

We haven’t been on many date nights lately. Date night had meant us both arriving home before 8pm, and someone brought dinner home with them. Busy busy and all that. But date night was reinstated this past weekend and so I donned a leather wrap around skirt of awesome to celebrate.

Mel’s leather wrap around skirt of awesome, that is. Having knocked up friends who loan you their clothes is the best. You might remember I wore this baby to the Curvy Couture Roadshow with the cute jacket and 17 Sundays afterglow tee? Well, that outfit inspired this one. The all black with the tucked in top. I even through a jacket into the car but didn’t have cause to wear it.

Spring? Who knew?

Now I don’t know about you but I like my date night outfits to have a little texture to them. All the better to grope you with, my dear. So the leather skirt is perfect for that purpose, the softness of the basic tank does too. Texture not only adds interest to the date, it adds interest to an otherwise simple outfit. That’s my hot tip. Texture for the win.

Date night, get on with it.

plus size blondie tee + leather skirt outfit asos curve-11 plus size blondie tee + leather skirt outfit asos curve-12 plus size blondie tee + leather skirt outfit asos curve-13 plus size blondie tee + leather skirt outfit asos curve-15ASOS Curve Wrap Leather Skirt {on loan, thanks Mel}, Blondie Tank by ASOS Curve and Emerson for BigW Heels.

plus size blondie tee + leather skirt outfit asos curve-10

When was YOUR last date night? Did you get dressed up or did you do the couch version? 


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  • This outfit is so so flattering on you. Well done.

  • Trudie Bristow

    Woot woot you sexy thang. I love this combo the skirt is amazing and I’m quite jealous of it actually. Whilst I’m here my dear I’ve been meaning to message you because I wanted to give you the biggest congratulatory high five and hug on being in the top 10 fashion bloggers. Did you know that was coming? Was it a surprise? Anyways how wonderful! I’m so happy for you and I’m so, so, so proud of you. Hope you took your sexy self out in that skirt with Kel to celebrate. X

    • Woot. Thanks lady. And yes, it was a follow on from the Ragtrader article with rankings by Catablog and Ok Magazine picked it up. It’s been an interesting week. Too bad they never get the spelling right?

  • Mel Watson

    Love the whole outfit but that skirt really is something special! We go on date nights regularly, usually to the movies so I have a bit of a standard outfit for that which consists of boyfriend jeans, either vans or my leopard print cons and some kind of top. Lately being winter it has been a shirt & knit. Comfy but a little but stylish too IMO.

    • It is, right? This one gets loaned out often within the Queensland ladies, it’s just so easy to wear and packs a punch. I love a good boyfriend jeans movie combo. Like you said, comfy but stylish.

  • Very sexy skirt and you are rockin’ it!

  • lisa | renovating italy

    Date Night???? what’s that some new movie LOL xx
    love this combo by the way! We models have to stick together bwahhh. You make it look so easy x

    • Haha. Indeed. That’s what I hear.

      Thank you. That we do. And it comes easily now, but only because it’s Kel and only because we’ve been doing it for years now.

  • I don’t remember my last date night outfit, it was a while ago. I can’t wait for my next one though. SOON! I love this outfit and I am SO in love with that skirt, I remember going a bit gaga over it at CRR. Also I LOVE the white nail polish!

    • Well lady, you know what that means!? DATE NIIIIGHT. Sooner rather than later. Haha. This skirt is all kinds of amazing. Happy to have it back on loan for a while now Mel is preggers. I win! 😉

  • Bron K

    Fab look!! Been loving the Blondie T since they released it, what size did you with? I struggle with Asos sizing.

    • Thank Bron. I have the UK24. I’m almost always a 22 locally, and buy a 24 all the time at ASOS. I hear you though, sizing is all over the shop. Waaaaay all over the shop.

  • Daisy1

    Hey Melissa!,
    Long time reader first time commentor!! I have a question…… Where exactly do you go for “date night” in Gympie??? (In promise I’m not a stalker) the reason i ask is I have a blind date with a guy in gympie and I would like to go somewhere nice, where theres good food, good atmosphere and an easy escape route in case it goes pear shaped, If you know what I mean….. Any suggestions would be welcomed!!!

    • Haha. Love it. Try the Empire Hotel. Not sure if the food is still great but it’s got two front and one back exit. The Royal Hotel is always good and has rooms upstairs if things go REALLY well… OR the Phoneix hotel has lots of food and drink options AND exits. 😉