Happy Sunday ladies and gents. It was a drizzly, slow day around here. I babysat last night {and let’s face it, wore myself out}. I watched some movies and laid around my house. It gave me plenty of time to wonder and think about the upcoming 12 months. This week I turn 29 which is so exciting and daunting and wonderful. I’m not the type to fear or even complain about getting older. Getting old is for the lucky ones, I say.

But it’s a new chapter, a door closing. And as clichéd as it sounds, another one is definitely opening. The one opening is the big fat door marked as my thirties. I assume my experience is normal but it feels like I’m entering the business end of things. Like now it’s time to get my shit firmly together. If there is such a thing. Always the serious type {well, until recently} I hit 19 and treated it like the business end of life, wore myself and found myself at 26 wondering what the heck I’d been doing all that time.

It’s a strange thing to wake up and wonder if you should have been living your life differently. To even have the question surprised me. But 26 was a bit of a turning point in my awareness of who I am. I really settled into my skin. My life. My relationship. Bit by bit even though I still want more, I welcomed my life. I don’t know if this happens for all people in their late 20’s {I hear it sort of does} but all of a sudden I was ok with who I am. Ok with my contribution in life. I was proud of me and all I’d achieved and would still achieve.

So in the interests of stuff still to be achieved I’m starting a list. Things I should do before I turn 30. Hook me up here.

What would you put on your list?

  • Maxabella

    The only thing that should be on a “things to do before I’m thirty” list is: enjoy being 29.

    You’ve got your whole life to write lists. x

    • Will do! I want it to be fun stuff. Not finally finish the garden bed like hubby suggested! 😉

  • For me turning 30 was the beginning of my second childhood. I got out of a bad situation and jumped right into life. My motto for a few years was “wing it”. So relax, have fun whatever age you are because before you know it you’re wishing you were turning 30 again.

    • Oooo, sounds like there’s a heck of a story behind that one. I will enjoy myself. This list is for fun stuff.

  • One thing you should put on that list is plan a kick-ass party/celebration. I did nothing much for my thirtieth last year and I kinda wish I’d had more of a celebration.

  • When I turned 30 I felt like a real grown up. I wish I had had a bigger party to celebrate!
    It’s a big decade, in the early middle of your life, & I guess the thing to do is start laying the foundations for where you want to be on your 40th birthday.
    Happy Birthday 🙂

    LOVE that photo of you!

    • Thanks Mrs BC. It’s an iPhone capture.

      A party is SO on the list. It IS a big decade, I’ve got butterflies, nervous excitement ones. Like ooooo, game on. 😉

  • I could come up with a zillion things but they all cost money. You know, like hire a Ferrari for a weekend or have dinner at the top of the Eiffel Tower.

    You could do the Frenchie bit by spending an entire day speaking with a heavy French accent and think about having dinner at the top of the Eiffel Tower. 🙂

    • Haha. I like this one, might have to get out the old Peppi cartoons and practice first though. 😀

  • Sarah

    I think I felt that way as I was turning 40 last year. I’m a bit slow off the mark!

    Being happy and settled but still wanting more is a great thing. It inspires greatness in living but still recognises being grateful for what we have.

    • It certainly does inspire greatness in living. I think that’s the most elegant way of putting it Sarah. Just lovely.

  • Brittonie

    You can take a look at my own list for some inspiration!

    I’m going to have a look at my list for the eighteenth time, and probably include this!

    Go into my favourite bookstore, and leave notes in all my favourite books! Then buy a book and sit by myself reading in a cafe.

    Some of my list has very high costs, some do not. It’s all about doing what YOU want to do! Have a very happy birthday this week! And not too much champagne miss!

    • I might just do that Britt. Great suggestions. I love sitting by myself and reading in cafes. It’s like heaven on earth.

  • Yee ha!

    Can’t wait to see what you get up to.

    SSG xxx

  • I’ve been away from most of the blogosphere for ages, I come back and you’re about to have a birthday. Timing!

    I’m with Bron. Enjoy 29. It’s a good year. Your 30s will be wonderful. I so looked forward to my 30s. (I’m at the wrong end of them now though…).

    • Perfect timing, I think! And thank you, I will. Exciting times ahead, for sure. Anything fun to add to the list?

  • okay so you better be having a mad birthday party for your 30th!!

    hmmm…. things to do this year???

    – travel as much as possible.
    – go on a road trip with no plans or destination
    – buy a really outrageous expensive dress that you love
    – campervan around New Zealand’s south island
    – go to a movie marathon, the really late one that goes till 4am in the morning
    – sleep on a beach and watch the sunrise the next morning
    – have lots of sex
    – buy a cocktail recipe book and try everyone of them
    – order something at a restaurant that you’ve never tried before
    – come to my 26th birthday party this year! 😉
    – paint a big canvas with whatever you want and hang it on a wall in your house

    • I will be!! For sure. Great list suggestions, will use those for sure. 🙂