If you ran into me most days in Winter I would look like this. For work on a back office day, for casual running to the shops. My fall back outfit in this weather is tunic, longline cardigan, leggings and boots. Apply a thrown together ponytail and minimal make-up and hey presto there I am. This is me and just as important to share on the blog as all the dresses with heels and other more fabulous looks. Because it’s essential to me that you don’t get the idea that I am running around all fabulous all the time.

What a pain THAT would be.

My sister and I often discuss other possible careers. She works in childcare, I have my real estate gig. She dreams of retail or make-up artistry, something that means she can dress in nice clothes, do her hair and make-up every day. Something that would allow her to express her creativity and flair with clothing and style. I tend to agree with her. Something like that WOULD be nice. But mostly, I dream of a job where I could wear my pjs if I wanted to. As you can probably tell… HA.

Do you have a fall back outfit?

Stripe longling cardigan – Target

Sweater dress – Avella by Big W

Leggings – Avella by Big W

Boots – Autograph

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  • Amy

    leggings as almost pants are awesome! I wore them today with a chunky knitted tunic over the top.

    • Such a go to outfit for me. And who doesn’t LOVE a chunky knit on a day like today, seriously!?

  • It must be the week of legging features in style posts then, as they will be featuring over at my place tomorrow.

    Leggings are such an easy go to and can be dressed up or down. Like your cardie. X

    • Haha. Great minds think alike my friend! They certainly are. I get so lazy about it, I was glad to have some different colours this season for a bit of variety.

  • My fall back outfit is very similar to yours!!!! Leggings and boots, and a long cardie or tunic or vest.

  • Oh, your fall back outfit is total glamour compared to mine! Mine is jeans & a fleece jumper!! Uh-ha…I am the anti yummy mummy! 😉

    • Haha. I’ve never seen you look anything but fab. So I don’t believe that at all. 😉

  • river

    I used to love my longline cardigans, I haven’t had any for years. I must get into Target and see if they’ve got any in a navy/grey stripe, although black/grey will do if that’s all they’ve got. I love your boots!

    • Target and BigW have been big on the long line cardies as well this year. Happy shopping! 😉

  • Lookin good! I’m trying to be more adventurous with my outfits, but work is always stock standard.

    • Work is such a killer for cool outfits. Lame and dull and boring. I wish sometimes I worked somewhere funky where I could do what I want. Maybe later. 😉

  • Oh I love that outfit! That’s something I would wear!!