This post contains items gifted for the purpose of creating content.

I received an email a little while ago from GHD asking if I would like a new styler for the purpose of creating a how to video using it. After the initial holy cow I suck at video’s thing passed, I said yes. Of course. My sister and I got to work pinning some idea, talking over what would work with my hair and me bribing her to help me {it looks like she’ll be the owner of my recently purchased, barely used purple GHD}. The best part about this offer is that it gives me the kick up the bum I needed to create some more video content for the blog. It was something I had planned to do in 2012 that never happened.

Because I’m a shy girl at heart. A shrinking violet who finds it ridiculous to sit in front of a camera and talk to myself. So laugh along with my sis and I as we create what I have titled our Lazy Lady Special Occasion Long Hair Style. Though lazier would have been what I do with it everyday, plait it until it’s dried and shake it loose. But you know, it’s almost New Years Eve, I wanted something a little fancy for hanging around at home with Hubby and a few cold beverages. So here we go…

Retailing at $279 the Ruby Rich Limited Edition styler is available from GHD online or in selected stores. I made an agreement with GHD to create content {of my choosing} in exchange for the styler. I’m a whore like that. A big thank you to my sister who helped out with this, it is safe to say that lovely Christina has nothing to worry about from us when it comes to hair tutorials/vlogs. But hopefully it will make you laugh as much as we did making it.

  • I have a straightening/curling iron like that and I haven’t used it in ages. Maybe I’ll try styling my hair that way too. It’ll be more economical than getting a digital perm hehe 🙂 Must have been fun to make that video! More!

    • It was fun, you can just hear me giggling the whole time in the unedited versions. I HAD a perm once, it was a crazy nineties perm and it was ridiculous. So this is WAY easier. Haha.

  • I’m laughing and applauding at the same time, you know why. Love you xx

  • Rach aka Stinkb0mb

    Great video – I’ve only ever used my straightener once to curl and it didn’t turn out that great but then again my hair is curly normally, so prefer to straighten it!

    Got to say the bit of snark in the disclaimer after the video – noice. For the record I regret EVER making a comment about sponsored posts now – especially after how much I’ve been chased, turned on and put down by “fangirls”.

    • Michelle

      Why feel like that? You’re entitled to your opinion and to air it. Not everyone agrees with each other and we are allowed to voice those opinions. If bloggers only want positive comments then they shouldn’t blog!

      • I agree with Michelle on this one Rach. You broached the subject with me too on Instagram when it must have been going down online and it had me think about it differently. I had never considered that people felt so strongly that a gift IS payment. Obviously I viewed it that way too, a lot of items cross my doorstep for review purposes and there is an obligation with that. I decline much more stuff than I accept knowing full well that if I haven’t or wouldn’t use it there would be no chance of it showing up here. But I had compartmentalised it in my head. $$ = sponsored and gift = gifted. Happy to adapt my terminology as the industry does. Whore was my own choice of words to be a smart ass. 😉

      • Rach aka Stinkb0mb

        Why feel like that? Mainly because I voiced my opinion on this topic, in a respectful way I might add – no nastiness, no jealously, just my thoughts, direct & to the point BUT polite and I got slaughtered for it. I got emails, nasty emails, tearing me apart. You’re right I am entitled to my opinion, I believe everyone is and that people should express them in a respectful polite way but apparently not everyone feels the same. I’m still trying to work out what my weight and my inability to have children has ANYTHING to do with my OWN opinions/thoughts on sponsored posts but apparently they do. Not nice, the whole debacle has seriously made me want to step away from the online world.

        • Oh shit Rach. That’s terrible. I’m sorry to hear that. And they went for the jugular by the sound of things. Kicked you right in the junk. Sigh. People can be so mean. If that even happened here, I’d be SO ANGRY. Really, really cranky.

          Respectful, direct communication is always welcome here. I might send it straight back at you, but it’s welcome. Ugh. Some people online do my head in sometimes. That’s madness.

    • Good luck with the curls, the best part was when they dropped they gave this gorgeous blow wave looking effect that I loved. I might even be giving this one a go myself sometime. Should be interesting. 😉

  • I LOLd til I could LOL no more. And I love your disclaimer at the end – so you and so awesome. On a serious note – thanks for the tips. I am shit at attempting to curl my hair via a GHD and this may help………..

    • Good luck! My sis made the curling thing look easy, right!? Even I am all cocky and confident now thinking, ahhh I can do that. And FUNNY, gosh we laughed doing this. You should have seen the outtakes where the neighbours were swearing at each other in the background and us running a commentary to it! HA.

      • Melissa Mitchell

        I wanna see the bloopers! Always the best bit. 🙂

  • Melissa Mitchell

    Your sister is a dag. I love it! <3

  • sheribombblog

    OMG you guys are a CRACK! I want to see more vids like this fo’ sho’!

    • Haha. I just sit in the background and giggle the WHOLE time. Mutley style. THE BEST.