Well well, Friday morning, hello my beautiful friend. Friday morning’s I leap out of bed. I just love the promise of Friday and of the impending weekend, of course. Weekend’s mean evenings out, dinners and time spent with family and friends. Bedtime is not a thing at all. And what do you wear for such occasions? A black knit mini dress of course!

I picked this one up from Target, it’s from the regular range and is only an 18 so it’s a little firm but I couldn’t resist the great knit pattern. I’ve been looking for one I love for a while and this one was on sale, so whatever! I’ve worn it over jeans with flat riding boots too and that’s a bit awesome, remind me to show you that outfit too one day. Until then, let’s do night out.

High bun essential. A bit of silvery bling and my bag from my Mum. This bag is one of the most adorable things ever. It’s covered in beads and holds my phone, cash and some makeup touch up stuff. What else does a girl need, right? Big bags of the week be gone. Weekends are all about the itty bitty clutch.

And that’s about all I have to say about that.

black knit dress with tights plus size-4 black knit dress with tights plus size-7 black knit dress with tights plus size-3 black knit dress with tights plus size-6 black knit dress with tights plus size black knit dress with tights plus size-5 black knit dress with tights plus size-2

Dress – Target
Necklaces – Swapped & Op Shop
Tights – Avella
Wedges – Kmart
Bag – Unknown {gift from my Mother}

Have a great weekend folks. Got any plans?


  • kp

    love the dress, love the look, love your fabulousness….

  • Hayley Eyers

    Love the clutch

    • Thank you. It’s a million years old now but is still going strong. Not even a bead missing, touch wood!

  • Nikki D


  • Gi Csome

    I´ve never worn a knit dress. Neves thought I could wear a knit dress. I guess even if I advocate for women to use whatever we like instead of follow the old rules, some of them are still going around my head without me noticing. But you really look so geourgeos in that dress I can´t wait to find one for myself!

    • You’ll love them, they really are the best. I have lots for casual wear with a loose shape and pockets usually {win!} but it’s nice to have a slinky little one for night time. Go get yourself one lady!

      • Gi Csome

        Today I saw a knit dress I loved but my mom (who was shopping with me) started saying that I could only wear it if I suddendly turned into a size 0 model with no belly. I know she didn´t say that to hurt me, but I just got stock with it and couldn´t even try it on. Hope one of these days I can get the confidence to shake the bs out of my head.

  • You look so chic in this! I love how you’re styled with the top bun, tights, and silver necklaces, and clutch. Very elegant look!

  • Sarah Collins

    I work most weekend nights so I don’t get to go out as often as I used to. I miss it sometimes haha. But, I digress. Love this look, I want a dress like that!

    • Me too! There’s hardly anyone left here to go out with.

      Thank you! Try Target. 😉

  • Can I just say, and I say this with a staunch record of heterosexuality; your legs look incredible in this outfit. Not that they do not always look good! But j’adore the stockings. I have never heard of that brand, I will investigate further. 🙂

    Please to note. Stockings are a real pain in the patootie, they annoy the heck out of me and they make my feet smell weird, but if my legs looked this good in them, I would suck it up and wear them constantly. 🙂

    Love the handbag also too. 🙂

    Was your outfit ready to go home when you were, or was it one of those times you get home and go.. my outfit is not ready for this night to be over yet! 🙂

    • Haha. Love this, having a chuckle with Hubby as I read it aloud to him. Thank you muchly, you’re a gem. And stockings, gah, what a massive pain they can be. I keep trying. I’m determined to find some that work {longer than a few hours} for me. DETERMINED!

      And yes, this outfit {except maybe the stockings} was worthy of a much bigger night than it had!

  • You look SO amazing, i’m really really loving this outfit!

    • Thank you Nat. It was a great find. The patterns in the knit are amazing.