Sometimes you have to step back to see things clearly. Sometimes it takes a step forwards.

Sometimes life gets full and busy and complicated.  But you shouldn’t forget what’s important. 

Sometimes all you need to do is let you hair down and party like an 18 year old. 

Sometimes saying that there’s a problem, that you’re not happy is all it takes. 

Sometimes a big pash has the same effect. Or a bear hug where a pash isn’t appropriate. 

Sometimes it pays to keep your head down and bum up. Working hard doing your thing. 

Sometimes it’s important to welcome people into your arms, your home and your life. 

And other times locking the door, curling up under a blanket and eating soap {*errr, soup! obviously} is what it takes. 

Sometimes people are just talking smack because they have a mouth and want to use it. 

But most times it pays to keep life simple.

Love, laughter and good food. That’s my simple.

What’s your simple?


  • Rachel from Redcliffe Style

    This is a great post. Sometimes we do over complicate it. Rachel x

    • Melissa Walker Horn

      Thanks Rachel. Indeed we do.

  • Here I Am LouLou

    For me, stopping the noise (all sorts of noise whether physical or blogging) and DEFINITELY step back (it’s only the strong that can do this, the others think they will miss out on something if they do – the only thing they will miss out on by not stepping back is clarity to move forward better than last time.

    Lastly – it can be taken as a cliche but I do mean it – love!  Hugs and human touch are irreplaceable.  Never think someone “know” how you feel, verbalise it and make someone feel irreplaceable.great post Melissa – thank youx  Loulou

    • Melissa Walker Horn

      These are so perfect. Thanks for contributing.

  • Eating soap?
    Umm, no thanks.
    My simple? No commitments on my free time. That way if someone says can you…? or would you like to…? i can say yes (or no) without having to think and rearrangemy schedule, without having to go through my diary to check first that I’m not supposed to be somewhere else…

    • Melissa Walker Horn

      Ahhh, soup. Whoops, typo.

      That version of simple is lovely. There is nothing worse than having to say no to something because you’re already busy.

  • Maddie : lilmagoolie

    My simple: Colour! Smiles! Nice words! P.S By soap, you clearly meant rich dark chocolate mousse. I’m right there with you, lady!

    • Melissa Walker Horn

      Colour! Of coooourse.

      By soap I meant soup. But mousse works too. 😉