I feel like my mother more than ever as I sit at the kitchen table, books and folios spread out around me everywhere, calculator at my side. She had notebooks for recording and I have spreadsheets. Not much else has changed. The tennis is on tv, the night is hot despite the lightness of a cotton nightie next to my skin. I remember her this way too. I remember the night’s she would spend entering, reconciling the business accounts.

The tick tick of a slightly wobbly fan would keep us company, her and I. Me doing last minute homework, kicking the heel of my foot against the leg of the dining room chair, her clicking her pen or tapping the eraser end of the pencil. Come end of month the calculator would whir as her fingers tapped in the numbers at what seemed like light speed, the paper {do you remember those fancy ones with the paper rolls?} tumbling on the floor in a puddle of entered numbers. I would watch her and even as a teenager I could remember thinking she had it all.

My mother is the sort of woman I always wanted to be. A mother, a wife, a business owner, an investor and active community member. She gave people her heart and loyalty and they gave her theirs in return. She derived energy from people, constantly full of stories and chatter but she never took energy from them. My Mum and people are like solar power and the sun, a perfect combination. It’s probably my favourite thing about her. I admired her courage, but that’s the part I liked best.

I’m like my mother in a lot of ways. In others, we are nothing alike. She likes to tell people I’m the mother and she’s the child because of the way I boss her around. I tell people, I’m her assistant, it’s my job. Sitting here tonight, tapping away, the heat of the day finally starting to fade, I think of her and smile. She’s a good woman my mother. I’m proud to be even a little bit like her. I think she would be happy with that.

Are you like your mother? Is that a good thing? 

  • What a beautiful post! I hope she gets to see it too. 🙂
    As for me and mine – I think so. In some ways, I’m stunned at how like her I am. And more and more, I’m seeing her in photos of me, or in the mirror- our mannerisms. But some ways – we could not be more different. We parent differently.
    I wish I were as strong as her though. She faced her mortality with such dignity….

    • Thank you Mel. Great memories of your Mum. Great that you can see her in yourself so much, it must make her feel closer. I think you would be surprised by the strength you would find within yourself.

  • So lovely.

  • Tammy

    I don’t think I’m anything like mum….in my opinion anyway. I’m too much like dad ☺ That’s my story anyway!!!!!

    • Uh huh. That’s what they ALL say. Haha. But you are pretty similar to your Dad.

  • Patrick weseman

    Nope not at all.

    I see my teen-age son and he doesn’t realize it, but he has a lot of me in him. It is scary.

  • Amy Wells

    My mum and I have more in common the older I get, but we aren’t much alike. However, I am very much like my father – scarily so!

    • When it comes down to it, I’m a lot more like my Father too, but there are flashes of my mother that are just too THERE to ignore.

  • Inherently, no… I’m far more like my dad. However, I haven’t lived with my dad since I was 11, and he’s lived interstate since I was 15, so I like to think I’ve “morphed” more into my mum. An interesting nature/ nurture debate I guess!
    I’ve definitely got my mum’s mannerisms at times, and we speak very similarly on the phone etc., however personality wise we’re quite different, and she’s the first one to tell me when I pull a face that’s “exactly like your father and his mother too!”. Ooops 😉
    Your mum sounds awesome, and a fabo role model. I think that’s all we can do as the children… Live and learn from what we see and what we experience.

    • Very interesting indeed. We do indeed morph into those people we are closest too. But you just can’t beat the old genetics sometimes. I love this debate. There is always something else to consider!

      She is. For me, she was the best mother I could have had. Even if we spent most of my teen years screaming the house down. 😉

  • Dean

    Hey Mel in that pic you look so much like Declan…Just sayin

    • Errr, Declan looks so much like me. I beat him here by almost 30 years. 😉 But yes, I’d never seen it before but we totally look similar.

  • I am jealous of people who are close with their mother.
    I’m not with mine, although we appear to be much closer than we are. I guess I have a knack of that with people. I cannot think of a time where I looked up to her. It makes me sad to admit that, like there is something wrong with me for not admiring my parents. I respect them, but distantly. I love them, of course, but I had a very rough childhood and because of that I aim to be more for my children. More loving, stand up for them more, listen to them more, look deeper into them.