I’m not sure what it is I want to say any more. I think it could just be this time of year. I’m tired. Exhausted from a year of ups and downs, successes and failures. Like anyone I suppose. There is something about this time of year that has you reassess your goals, your dreams and make different plans. It’s time to take a bit of a break and work out just what it is I want to say.

In my iPad case, I found this blogger manifesto made by Kelly and handed out at ProBlogger. It reminded me that one night ages ago I just got started. I waded into the world of blogs and was amazed by what I found. The honesty, the real life beauty, the excitement of the bloggers to be involved in the forefront of things. For whatever reasons, I don’t feel that way any more.

I’m sure people will have different theories on why that is. I have a few myself. In a lot of ways I miss my blog about nothing. I’m not complaining. In fact there is nothing worse than a blog complaining about blogging or blog opportunities. I am stepping back. I’m working out what the purpose of this blog will be. I want to read some new blogs, visit old friends, I want to have coffee and chat and I want to feel like it did.

Is going back in time so much to ask for?!

It is, isn’t it.

And a wee bit unreasonable.

Not to mention a bit sad like one of those people who can’t let go of this time when their life was great and how everything since has been a bit vanilla, blah boring. Oh wait. I think that’s it! I miss being interested in my own blog. I love the outfits, but I feel like I boxed myself into a schedule and wore myself out. Time to relax a little. Time to back the heck off.

Time to reveal in some blog awesome.

So if you write a blog, let me know in the comments. Or better yet, if you know of a great blog here or overseas that I might not have read, please let me know about it. I want to unearth those hidden gems filled with joy and beauty and love for what we do. I want to bask in their version of things until I remember where I left mine.

Hit me with them, best kept secret blogs. It can be yours.



  • I’d love to say read mine! read mine! read mine! but my blog’s giving me the blahs too. When it starts to feel like work it’s time to step back from the screen.

  • We all need a holiday once in a while – we take leave, change jobs, go for promotions or transfers, so it makes sense that it applies to blogging to. Look forward to seeing what you come up with.

    I have a crafty / DIY blog, though it’s probably not quite what you are looking for I’ll share the link anyway…

    • I think that’s the case exactly. Time for a time out. To only write when I want to. All that. Thanks for sharing your blog, can’t wait to check it out. 🙂

  • Amy Wells

    You could come read mine if you want – I’m currently attempting a blog resurgence of sorts – but basically I think once you start scheduling stuff, like you would at your everyday job, it starts to feel like work. Unless your blog actually IS your work, I think it should be ,ore of a hobby/spare time thing that you do because you enjoying….

    • Aaaaaammmeeee, can you leave us a link? Pleeeease.

      I enjoyed scheduling and plannign on my blog for almost two years. Like one of the commenter s said I was very ambitious for where my blog could go. Maybe I wore myself out? Who knows.

  • I love my blog but at this time im of year im just crazy busy and finding it hard to make time, but i don’t mind too much. I’ll be back to regular blogging soon enough and my loyal readers will still be there 🙂 (http://www.momentaryreality.com)

    • Of course they will be. Enjoy this time, there’s nothing more festive than this time of year. It’s the best.

  • Go easy my love, I’m sure some of it is this time of year, but I don’t discredit that there may be other reasons for feeling this way too. There are many bloggers who blog all year round without break, I joked earlier this year that I was going to treat my blog like I would a full time working year and take annual leave from the blog throughout the year. It’s a hard thing being on the ball all the time and then life’s other commitments.

    I always think you born some awesome when you question and query things and try something, so go into this time of consideration, reflection and exploration (of other blogs) and see what happens. I’m sure you’ll find a spark.

    There are many blogs I follow in my vintage loving realm who have followings in the thousands, they aren’t doing pr, sponsors or anything like that but I’m often inspired by them and there attitudes towards life, fashion, fellow humans in general, they’re just all round nice people sharing their lives.

    Funny yesterday I started a brainstorm for my blog going into 2013, it can get overwhelming……but I’m going to keep my head.

    Love you loads lady, be kind to yourself.

  • debbie

    I write a blog..yep..another one..Its now where near as brilliant as yours but still I LOVE IT I LOVE IT I REALLY LOVE IT..I’m singing that it and it sounds much better in my head anyway..beginning of the year I went..crap..the love.. well it was waning..I was trying to get to many posts out all that jazz and when you have another life and another love (for me its three kids, four dogs, five chickens, a cat and oh a husband that works FIFO) that turns into pressure which turns into not being able to write..it turns into am I any good should I be writing this or that..so I went back to just what I could get out. I blog five days a week and sometimes I will get two out but there was that love again..next year when I have less children trying to trip me up because they are at school and I am at home…loving that thought..I will be able to give her my full attention..anyway..its the time of year..its the fact you have a family and a job..its all of that..its can be a little stifling…for ones creativity and confidence…Well that’s what I think anyway..so Suger..love that name..have a merry Chritsmas and in case your ever in my neighbour hood its http://www.thefifowife.com.au

    • debbie

      me..back I forgot to tell you..I think your blog is great..and here some added pressure..your dead funny..xD

    • I can’t wait to check out your blog. Clearly you are a person of great taste and good humour. HA.
      Merry Christmas to you and yours as well. xo

  • I write a blog and it’s very new and It’s become one of the best things in my life. I just write stuff about blah and try to make my friends laugh. You are welcome to read it too of course! I didn’t want to start a blog cos everyone does it but then I did it anyway and It’s the best outlet.
    I only recently found yours and love it so don’t feel sad xx

    • I’m going to head over and soak up your newness. I promise not to steal it, just rub myself against it for a while. Oh wow. SUPER creepy. Haha. I can’t wait to laugh along with your friends.

      Thank you. xo

      • You can rub.yourself against.me any time baby. Urgh, did I really just say that?

  • Two of my fave blogs are http://joythebaker.com/ and http://www.shutterbean.com/ Both have a major focus on food & recipes which I love, but I think what really attracts me is their consistency and voice. It’s so very real and authentic about who they are, and what they stand for. They actually have a podcast together and the first time I heard it, I was amazed by how much their “real life” voices sound exactly how they write. They have talked about that too in previous podcasts about how it took them time to get a consistent voice for their blogs, but I think they’ve both established that well.
    On the matter of your blog, I think it is a bit about this time of the year that has us all reassessing so many aspects of our lives and reflecting if we’re on some supposed “right path”. Could it be also a bit because you’ve achieved so many things with your blog this year, that it’s about looking at “what next”?
    It seems you’re also someone who is really ambitious about what your blog can do, so I can’t imagine you’d want to be in too comfortable a place for too long without looking at the next challenge. Could be completely off track here, but just some thoughts! Best of luck xx

    • OMG, I took a quick peek at the blogs you suggested this afternoon and OH YUM! Yum, yum. Cannot wait to delve through them a little more.

      The last part of this comment has stuck with me all day. You’re right. I’m never overly comfortable in the same place for that long. It’s a curse in a lot of ways. Impatience and wanting to be somewhere else. It never occurred to me that that could be what’s happening here. Insightful, thank you.

      • Haha… Those two are absolutely no good if you’re doing the sugar free thing, but they do post the odd healthy recipe from time to time!

        I’m glad what I wrote made sense… It was an absolute compliment in reflecting on you being ambitious, and as someone who has an incredibly low tolerance for the boring and mundane (especially in a work sense!) I feel I’m often on that same path.

        I think it’s OK and useful to be mindful of where we are in the present and appreciate that, but also to strive and aim for more. Doesn’t have to be black and white – we all operate in shades of grey 🙂

  • Be kind on yourself lovely lady. These are all typical thoughts at this time of year. I used to have them in my old job too. They’re a good sign. A sign to stop, reflect and recharge … and to change if that’s what feels like the right thing to do. Looking forward to seeing you soon. When are you here?!!!

    • Thanks Nikki. I’m there next Saturday the 22nd. For a week at this stage, I have to go back to work after. I’ll send you a message and line up a day and time this coming week. 🙂

  • Thanks for this post and all the cool new blogs it’s given me to check out!

    • Your welcome. I accidentally clicked on your profile when going to comment and found a blog I love in your recent comments. The best thing EVER. So thanks for visiting, for commenting.

  • My blog isn’t so happy la-la, but that’s because I can’t always stomache happy la-la. One blog I always go to for happy la-la is Enjoying The Small Things. I am sure you have heard of it, but that’s where I’d send someone looking for happiness and inspiration.

  • I’m usually all about the words, but the FIRST blog I read every day is Suri’s Burn Book. The posts are mostly one-liners but they’re hilarious.

    I also read a lot I can’t / don’t comment on: Zen Habits for eg and a lot of health/dieting related ones as well as a lot from my creative writing days (The Creative Penn, Writer Unboxed, Bubblecow blog, Betsy Lerner, Anita Heiss etc).

    I’m taking a break in Diet Schmiet for similar reasons. Just tired. Tired of writing about the same old stuff. I’m forcing myself to keep Debbish going cos I’m yet to work out what I want that blog to be.

    Don’t be too hard on yourself. xx

    • I know that one! SOOOOO funny. Great recommendation. I’ll check out the others too.

      Just tired indeed. Same. Same. Same. Haha. Thanks Deb. Take care of yourself. xo

  • This is my blog – http://perthwife.wordpress.com I only started it this year and I’m having fun with it (apart from the odd troll of course!) But I must admit that my fave blogs of recent years are going down the “every post is sponsored” route (or they can’t write anything offensive or controversial in case they lose sponsors or advertisers) and they’ve lost their own voice which makes me sad. I’ll be reading the comments and looking for some new bloggy favourites. 🙂

    • Only a year old and trolls already, you MUST be good. Haha. I look forward to checking out your blog.

  • kyl21z

    I know how you feel. I felt that way early 2011 and decided to take a step back and get back to my offline life a bit. About half way through this year I encouraged a good friend of mine to start blogging and seeing her start renewed my passion and reminded me why I started blogging in the first place. To have somewhere to spew forth the thoughts from my mind. I was also reminded about what was so good about blogging when I first started and that was the community feel, connecting with other like-minded people and just having fun with it. Ever since then I’ve been back at it with a vengeance, not worried about purpose or schedules and it’s so much fun! Again.

    • Thanks Kylie, I appreciate your input. It is a renewal I’m after, for sure. More fun. Thanks for sharing your story. xo

  • Patrick weseman

    I truly blog about nothing-lol. My blog is csuhpat1.blogspot.com.

    Blogging about nothing is something that I really do well.

  • Excellent. I love the local area focused blogs. Yours is fab.

    Thank you, in a lot of ways I think it is. i am blah. my outfit posts are getting better and better because I enjoy them. The others, for now anyway, I’m only writing them when I feel like it now. Scaled back.

  • Kylie

    Oh gosh – I am having a case of the blahs too. My blog is feeling super unloved. I have plans to split it into two blogs for next year, but even that huge task is glaring at me! I have so much I want to write – but just never do – just in case it is the ‘wrong thing’. I should just push on – after all, it is MY blog, and I should say what I want. Same with you lovely Melissa. Don’t be hard on yourself – write what you feel – even if you think it is everyday and pedestrian! xo – Thanks for all the blogs in the comments – I am going to have a lovely read this afternoon! If you feel like checking out mine – http://www.kylieclark.com – it’s about nothing and something all at once!

    • Good luck with the blahs. Oh my goodness there is nothing worse than the blahs. Thank you for the kind words and I hope you enjoyed your read. There are some great blogs there. 🙂