You know how the song goes. …It’s oh so still. Shhh. Well it’s a bit quiet our lives at the moment. We go to work, we snuggle on the couch, we sleep and start the day again. It’s nice actually. We’ve had a few big weekends in a row. There’s nothing like being at home to restore yourself. It’s been a great. Hubby and I have been taking stock, making plans and generally basking in our collective awesome. the quiet has done me good.

You know what’s not quiet though?

Speakers with bulk bass.

Where I work sits at an intersection with traffic lights. Pretty much every day is a car or two with stereo cranked so loudly that the bass vibrates our glass. TWO a day, every week day {at least}. Can you imagine  That’s a lot of future deaf people. Gosh I hope there’s some overlap there. Fingers crossed it’s the same guy doing laps everyday and there’s not a pending influx of people requiring hearing services from overexposure to bass.

Not me. I prefer the quiet.

Often, almost always, I drive to work with the radio off. The quiet of the car, just me and my thoughts calms me. I like to be alone sometimes. I like the chance to block out the noise of people and just take time. It’s very hippy dippy to some of you, I’m sure. But quiet is sort of essential for me. It makes me consider that perhaps all these years I’ve been misdiagnosed as an extrovert  perhaps in fact I am an introvert with outgoing tendencies… They say that introverts darn energy from being able to take time out and be alone. That’s certainly me.

These are the things I think about sometimes. What do you think about sometimes? 


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