This property crossed my desk yesterday and that old feeling was back…. Hmmm, I thought, I want to live there. It’s beautiful. And there’s nothing I love more than a house with a view. A big wide from every single corner of the house view? Well, count me in! Sooooo, I did what I do and I asked the owner’s for some pics for my blog. It’s listed online for sale, obviously, so they said yes. In fact, you can email me if you’re interested in the listing information and I’ll send you a brochure etc. It’s ok. If I can’t live there, one of my bloggy friends might as well. And then I can visit and we can enjoy the view together. Now doesn’t that sound nice? And so, here they are. You’re welcome.



  • Beck @ The Rambling Mummy

    I want to live there!! What a view!

  • oh, oh, oh, (speechless)……I love it!

    *rushes over to shopping list and writes LOTTO TICKET!!*

    • Good luck with your lotto ticket! I hope you’re living in my neck of the woods sometime soon.

  • And of course you can visit when I’m living there!

  • I want to live there!!
    Can you buy it so I can come stay?

  • Guh! YES PLEASE! Maybe a whole group of Aussie bloggers can go in together and have it as a holiday/ share house kind of thing!

  • Gorgeous home and beautifully presented, should sell like hotcakes!
    ciao lisa x

  • I like Natalie’s idea. Of course it needs a little refurbishment. The kitchen needs a range hood and I don’t see any power points in it. Need at least one of those for the coffee maker….

    • HA! Rightio. Blogger retreat, coming right up. With power points & a coffee machine.

  • Good Golly Miss Holly!

    MC & I have a thing for real estate too. We’re often on Domain, oogling properties! This one is divine x

    • Oh yes, real estate brat from way back here. We used to go to open homes on the weekend’s as kids. Fun! No really, fun! 😀

  • Mademoiselle Slimalicious

    I love the view! (and the interior too actually, especially the kitchen !) Very different from my 1 bedroom apartment in Sydney! Oh well, it’s allowed to dream.

    • Well, it would certainly be more spacious! Dream away. Dreams are free. 😀