Them is fighting words right?

It was love, but it’s gone. Poof. Vanished into thin air. Sorry, no love here. Gone. It’s part of life, my Dad would say, the whole love and loss thing. Know yourself, he said and you will know real love when it arrives. Real love. To know it from fickle, fleeting love.

For example…

I used to love shorts. The former love of shorts is just about summed up by the line above. I used to beg to wear shorts instead of my school skirt. I begged to be allowed. In those days it was a pretty strict netball skirt type policy. Weird. Those skirts are SO impractical. It was the early nineties when we broke up after an unfortunate photo during a twister game just about showed off my lady bits.

There was a time I even adored oversized Australis t-shirts. i had them in every colour under the sun. My favourite one was a dark rust colour. I’m still not sure what the heck I was thinking about that. We broke up somewhere in the ninties after hanging in there for WAY too many years.

In my high school years, the final countdown to the big 2000 year graduation, I was desperately in love with all things Adidas and trainers. Even though by this stage the idea of the gym made me roll my overly pencilled eyes. Sleek ponytails, swept over and plastered down fringes. It was looooove baby and I had fallen hard. The break up happened quickly. Like ripping off a band-aid. I was graduating. I needed SOME style.

It turns out, it would take me almost another 10 years to find something lasting. Classic cuts and timeless pieces. It turns out that years in baggy tee’s {I’m looking at you Australis} and trainers helped me embrace my shape. Hidden for too long I went to heck with it, I’ll flaunt what I’ve got and at least attempt to stay on trend. While working with what suits me best. It turns out that this was the true love I was waiting for. A nod to all things casual and cool. A big nod to stripes and heels.

So, what fashion trend did you just LOVE growing up that you wouldn’t be caught dead in now?

And can I just say, I bet this is absolutely not what you thought you were getting into when you clicked over to THIS post. Was it? No. I didn’t think so.

  • Kim-Marie Williams

    The hairstyle where you pull the middle section back with the sides hanging down. Very late 90s. Made my forehead double the size it already is. The hairstyle where you push up the middle section of hair – we used to call it the wave. Equally bad for a girl with much forehead! Spent much of high school wearing these looks!

    Bootleg jeans. I look terrible in them!

    • Melissa Walker Horn

      Haha. I still DO that hair thing sometimes, when my fringe is long and scraggly.

      Bootleg and I have a similar past.

  • Gillian James

    When I was in about grade six (1985), I would ONLY wear pink. Especially my pink denim vest. When I was in grade 11-12 (1990), I would only wear hippie/cheesecloth/paisley clothes I bought at hippie type markets/stores. In both cases, I thought I was super cool. In both cases.. I was not!

    • Melissa Walker Horn

      Pink denim vest and hippy skirts. I can actually picture it!! Haha.

  • seasidechik

    Embarrassment: I went through a stage of wearing skirts and knee high socks when I was about 12 a la Clueless.I was WAY gothic from 16-18.

    Right now I’m probably a fashion tragedy!

    • Melissa Walker Horn

      I think Clueless has a lot to answer for. I wore sheer tops with sweater vests over them on occasion too. 😉

  • I didn’t have much in the way of clothing choices at school. It was hand-me-downs from god-knows-where and uniform at high school. There was the patterned knee high white socks for about a year. After I left school and got a job it was lacy nylon knickers and mini skirts for what seemed like forever, then I discovered hipster jeans. Men’s size 3 fitted me perfectly and I wore them everywhere. Now I still wear jeans, but I’m thinking of changing that, finally, for something more stylishly casual.

    • Melissa Walker Horn

      Wooot woo. Lacy knickers!! Oh River, go you. 😉

  • Pastels. Don’t do them anymore at all…

    • Melissa Walker Horn

      I hear that pastels are going to be huge this coming season… If you ever wanted to revisit that. Haha.

  • Katerina-83

    Had a massive grungy hippy phase between the ages of 13 and 16 years.
    Think tie dyed and Indian style cheesecloth skirts with steel capped Doc Martins and the ever present black (insert your choice of Seattle based band here) t-shirt over the top. Mmm classy…

    Then came the sporty phase which,  much like yours I’m sure, involved so much make up, gaudy jewellery and hair gel there was no way I would ever consider busting an actual sweat while in them.

    I don’t know what my style is these days. I imagine I still don’t have any.
    Eclectic chic maybe?
    Or is that just a fancy way of saying try hard fashionista/bag lady without a clue?

    • Melissa Walker Horn

      Haha. LOVE all this!!

      I’m sure you’re not a bag lady. 😉

  • Hahahahaha! You’re right, this post had absolutely NOTHING to do with what I thought it might’ve been! Loved it, though 🙂

    My affair with denim mini-skirts is over, but it’s not because I ever stopped carrying a torch for them… it’s, sadly, because I no longer have the pins for them!

    • Melissa Walker Horn

      I like to keep you guessing. Actually it wasn’t anything like I thought it would be either. Funny that.

      HA! Poor legs are being hidden away.

  • Rhonda Hartman

    Oh so much that I have broken up with.  I was so teeny growing up that I could pretty much wear whatever and get away with it.  I am no longer so teeny and so I have resorted to baggy tees and stretcy pants which are terrible.  They look good on no one.  I have found a balance but honestly I’m still striving to be comfortable with the way I look now.

    • Melissa Walker Horn

      Time to ditch those baggy shirts lovely! You’ll find the more you enjoy your style and shape the more at home you’ll be in your body. It went like that for me anyway.

  • Amy (MyLifeAsACake)

    For a while there in primary school I loved these workout-style pants that had pop studs all up the legs, so I could rip them off like a stripper if I wanted (which I didn’t realise then, but now do). They were weird. That reminds me, I’m yet to kill the friends who still have photos…..

    • Melissa Walker Horn

      Ha! Yes, this is absolutely part of the Adidas phase. I had rip leg pants too.

  • bwahaha! Oh the crazy things we wore in the 80’s and 90’s….most of which I would never be caught in now! Stirrup pants, leg warmers(yeah, they sorta came back a bit…NOT for me!), bandanas around the neck, suspenders. There are so many things I wore in the past that were “cool” at the time and now I look at and think wtf were we thinking? It’s weird how some of it comes back though. Leggings were popular for so long and then were totally out and now are back. Feathers, oh my, the feathers we used to wear in our hair and now I’m seeing feathers everywhere again. Some of the boots that are out now are so much like the ones we wore in the early 90’s(late 80’s a bit too I think)… least those are something I would wear again.

    • Melissa Walker Horn

      That is SO true. We all thought we were cool. We were a little bit wrong. But only looking back. Haha.