Yesterday my husband casually informs me that the night before he busted two, rather large rats attempting to set up a love nest under our fridge. If you have been around here a while you will realise that this is the point I had a bit of a freak out and resolved to never walk into my living areas again. Rodents. I hate them. Hate them like some people hate snakes or scary looking clowns or heights. Hate them, hate them.

Every year, to varying degrees, this happens. I was on the couch, late one night when a family of mice ran across my living room, out under the internal sliding door to our garage. I stayed on the couch for hours, feet tucked under me, heart racing in my chest. They were coming back for me. I knew it. They were just on the other side of the door waiting to pounce. I finally climbed over the back of the couch and made it to my bedroom in two giant leaps. I hate, hate them.

Last night I was in bed, just, by mere minutes really and I heard a trap go off. Did you hear that! I shook Hubby awake. All I could imagine was somehow ending up in a confrontation with a now captured, angry rat. A big one. Probably the size of a small dog. It was going to bust out of the confines and come and hunt me down. I made Hubby swear that the traps would be cleared and not reset before I got up for the gym. Don’t make me go out there and see them, I begged. Just don’t okay. Promise me!


So he did. Promise me, that is. Why are you so freaked out. It’s probably in the trap now. It’s better there than running about the house, he said. Gag. Thanks for the reminder Hubby. Well I just hate them. Hate the idea of them running around, the way they smell, that they can run up your legs and get at you, their beady blood-red eyeballs, the fact that they are probably going to eat me alive in my sleep. I just hate, hate them, I wailed.

I get it calm down, he said then wrapped himself around me and went to sleep snoring rather loudly in my ear. I swear I could still hear rats above the noise. They were probably coming to get me. Suffice to say it took me ages to get to sleep last night.

Bloody hell phobias are hard work. Have you got any?  

  • Lisa Barton-Collins

    Gosh I hope they didn’t get to you! I’m not terrified of rats or mice (I am of clowns) but I don’t want them in my house. My are so brazen, they practically come out to have a chat with you while you are watching TV! Mice are stupid and easy to catch, but rats are a bit smarter. They have rat cunning. I can recommend those little sachets of delicious poison that you buy at Bunnings. Our neighbour had a garage filled to the rafters with old newspapers, IE rat heaven, and after trying every trap on the market (and inventing a few) the sachets worked.

    • They are the grossest. Thanks for the heads up on the sachets. Maybe I’ll wear them like a necklace.

  • Ew…..after reading this I am fearfully looking around me for evil little rats like they will appear out of nowhere haha. I am terrified of cockroaches and rodents…pretty much anything that can crawl fast and run up my legs! We have chickens so had a bit of a mice problem with the grain but at least they stayed down near the chicken coop.

  • This is me, but with spiders. Horrible creatures – I have nightmares, can’t sleep if I know one has been in my room. I have to jump over them if they are on the floor – even if they are tiny. And those reactions are a step up, I used to be much worse!!

    • Hubby always laughs because mice are so small and I’m so big. I could totally take them. So I get this 100%.

  • Sophie

    hahahaha, this post made me chuckle!

  • sheribombblog

    I hate hate sharks and crocodiles. To the point of sometimes being paranoid that they are swimming up behind me – in a pool. If my head is under water and my eyes are closed, I sometimes just feel like they are RIGHT THERE! Safe to say I don’t ‘do’ the beach haha It’s silly really, my chances of actually coming into contact with either of those creatures is so miniscule and yet THEY FREAK ME OUT!! I don’t even trust the fake, fibreglass pretendy ones…they just give me the heebies!

    • Sorry but I had such a chuckle reading this. The pool part. I hear you though, if rats were known to be good swimmers I’d be all sorts of freaked out.

      • sheribombblog

        I know, I’m a weirdo 😛 haha

  • Oh dear. When I was about 20 years old I was renting a room in a share house and got very ill with the flu. I hallucinated for hours that rats were running around my bed while I lay there so sick I was unable to even move to see if they were actually there.

  • Faith

    I would be exactly the same. My husband has spotted one or two rats in our back garden and it took me a long time to go out there again. I would not be sleeping in the house until all traces of vermin were gone so you are braver than me! I’d be staying at my mum’s for a few days,

    • Haha. Fair call. If I hadn’t already been in my pj’s, I might have gone.

  • Amy Wells

    I’m with you on the rodent hatred – I’m OK with seeing them in traps but no way am I taking them out to the bin!

  • katypotaty

    Rats don’t bother me, but don’t even start talking about cane toads…. ugh! I retch and convulse and scream.

  • Sarah Collins

    Spiders. Ugh! Once, I was in the kitchen and I felt a
    crawling on my arm – i though it was just a sensation because I always
    feel like they are crawling on me when they aren’t. So I turned to my
    partner all casual like “Is there anything on me?” I swear, the look on
    his face said it all. Massive spider. Crawling on my arm. I had the
    biggest freak out of my life! Couldn’t go near anything and I just stood in the middle of the room crying and looking suspiciously at everything lol. I have nightmares and think that they are out to get me… it’s a serious problem, haha.

    • Oh yuck. I hear you. One of the biggest shocks I ever got was the time I reached around to brush off what I thoughts was some hair and ended up with a handful of spider. Sooooo gross. SO GROSS.

  • Well I am officially a freak as my phobia is like nothing anyone else has mentioned…hair. Wet hair in the plug hole makes me gag, I can’t take my shoes off in a hotel because there is other people’s hair on the floor that I can’t see. Even my own hair snagging on my fingers in the shower has made me gag in the past. And don’t even get me started about finding hair in food.

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