Today I was cranky. Short tempered and in a foul mood. I could almost feel the storm clouds raging above my head as they followed me from place to place, person to person. Now usually when I acknowledge I’m cranky, it sort of disappears. Like I say, gosh I’m cranky today, I start to notice it and it goes away. Because I don’t like living as a cranky pain in the butt. But today, no amount of sharing my I’m cranky shifted it AT ALL. If you’d met me on the street today you would probably have given me a wide berth and been left with an overwhelming feel of ick afterwards.

So I’m glad we didn’t meet.

And then as it does when you’re a walking storm cloud of cranky, things started going wrong. Little things. Stupid things. Big things. And more little things. I was a magnet for things that made me cranky and that made me cranky. Crankier, I probably should have said. Isn’t that always the way it goes. When you’re cranky you just keep getting more and more cranky and more and more reasons to BE cranky. Gah.

So I had coffee with a friend, came home and cooked dinner for my Hubby and got all determined to lose the cranky.

I think I’m almost there.


How was your day? Were you cranky?

  • I hope you lose your cranky fast hon. I’ve been a little sad but getting there with the packing so I have to feel better. 😉 xx

  • mumabulous

    A glass of wine should help. Love Mumabulous

    • Was too cranky to drive back out and get some. Had the last drops of vodka in an old bottle instead.

  • This has so been my day today. I’ve had poo literally finger painted by my child on me today and a screaming match with offshore telemarketing company who keep lying and saying they are calling from Melbourne and won’t divulge the company name nd have called six times in less then 24 hours. Seriously it must be hormones or something because I lost my shit today and I’m not really like that. Really I don’t know why I even bothered with letting it bother me, it was probably all the other things that got under my skin today. But as I write this a wine has been had and Indian takeaway has arrived…..calm has been restored.

    • Yes! That was me exactly. That reminds me to ask Cath on twitter, maybe it’s planetary. Wine and Indian food would have been perfect. So lucky.

  • MrsLoz

    Oh yes. Strom cloud Loz reporting for duty. Snappy, cranky.. give this cranky laaaaady a wide berth. I have found a packet of chips is helping immensely.

  • Very cranky, my friend – dental (as written about on my blog, – and not helped by something called “blogverf” ? that froze this page the first time I tried to write a comment … we need to make plans for a better day! Trudie Bristow seems to have found one! Mine is once I can get this dental thing in hand, to look as spiffy as you do, down to the nice flats, when schlepping around, instead of the way I do look!

    • Yeah, it turns out I’ve been hacked. Now i really AM crank! Thanks persevering. Hope your day is looking up! Mine, so isn’t!

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