Well, you know. Unless the eCard is really really funny.

Or talks to me a little.

Or makes me feel like smiling on a tough day.

Or wetting myself laughing when I’m already feeling good.

Other than that, I’ll scream.



Found on www.someecards.com.au – be preapred to waste some time on there. Enter at your own risk. 😉 

  • Love me some e cards!

  • Lisa Barton-Collins

    I love e cards! They make me laugh, and I’m all for laughing.

  • I’m sick of ecards too.
    But they always make me smile.

  • They are the sort of thing that would normally drive me nuts but I have found myself, saving almost every one that I see of late. These made me crack up good work babe.

    • You’re so welcome! I know what you mean. There are just SO MANY! Normally I’m over them because I see them over and over again. These hardly ever repeat. It’s like magic.