In blogging it’s about knowing who YOU are. Knowing what YOUR limits are. Knowing what you’re happy to do or not do to grow your blog. To flog your blog, to be a bit crass about it. For me I exploit the tales of my Hubby and my family and friends for personal gain. Sure I’m delicate about it but their stuff is free game to me. Unless they call it as off the record, of course. I’ll wake up at 4am for an event or a conference. I’ll make a fool of myself and expose my guts for everyone to pick through. I’m willing to do all of that, for my blog. For it’s growth. For the content.

And mostly for my own entertainment.

I would do anything for my blog {some days, depending on my mood, less face it} but you will never, EVER, see me nude. I know it’s worked wonderfully for some close blogging girlfriends of mine {no really, those links take you to their nudes photos. On. Their. BLOGS!}. No judgement. I was proud as punch of them. It’s my line in the sand. And it’s about me being a total prude in some regards. Private in other. Terrified of my Dad seeing it too. So it’s my no way thing. Not that anyone’s come a knocking. But there it is. No nude pics for me. So sing it with me, I would do anything for stats, but I woooon’t do that.

What’s YOUR thing?

What won’t you do for your blog, no matter what?



  • I posted pictures of myself nude this week – but its not what you’d imagine and comes with a post I’m really proud of. Have to admit that it was good for the stats – but it’s not why I did it :0) Sometimes being exposed on the blog isn’t about removing our clothes, rather baring our souls and allowing ourselves to be vulnerable – and I’ve seen you do that plenty of times – so there you are – you’ve been naked on your blog after all!

    • Your nude pics were amazing Catherine. 

      • Hmm… does that sound a little perverted? 

        • Haha. Not at all. i said I couldn’t wait to see them and felt a bit the same. 🙂 

      •  Thanks Kelly! 🙂 doesn’t sound weird – I’m sure that the artists would be thrilled.

    • I can’t wait to check it out, and like Kelly, I do feel weird saying that {see, total prude, I’m blushing}. Like I said, no judgement. It’s just my thing.

      And yes, being raw and exposing our souls is another form of naked, absolutely.

  • Carly F

    Was talking about self moderation the other day. I have written about love, heartbreak, sex, illness, infected skin… But I wont write about my day job esp if I’ve had a bad day, nor money. I have been very open in my upcoming ruok day post. It’s always the personal posts that get the hits though.

    • the guts on the page posts, I call them. A bit crass but totally what they are. Where you spill it, all of it, on the page. I hardly ever write about my job either. It’s a privacy thing.

  • Carly F

    I also ask before I post about people in my life. And I find it hard to speak up about blogging practices that I don’t like

    • Yes, I find it difficult too. Probably because once, when I was a new blogger, there was a post that absolutely SLAMMED something I’d been doing. I felt like such a newbie fool and was actually embarrassed by it. For me, when I sit down to write something like that, the same feelings come back and I just can’t inflict it on someone else. So I go with, each to their own. Unless asked. Then I’m brutal. 

  • Hmmm hard one to answer. As you know until recently I was still writing my other blog, the one I started out with in the bloggy land. It started that blog in the throws of grief after losing my twins. I shared it all, the absolute graphic details of it all. It was good for me, but as time passed others didn’t engage with me over the DEEP personal stuff. That doesn’t do much for someone like me to bare it and not get acknowledged it makes some of it worse.

    As you know now I’m blogging soley for my other blog, covering all the Vinatge fluff and fun in my life and trying to mix it with some family life. I’m trying to find new ways of sharing me, but just not sure anymore about how deep I go anymore……time and more experience will tell.

    *sigh* it’s not always easy knowing what to share. Often we want to share so we aren’t alone and that’s hard when no one is talking back to you about the deep stuff.

    Have I made any sense at all?

    • Yes, that made sense. It can be a challenge to be writing something to express the loneliness and sadness and grief and not have it acknowledged. Absolutely. I hear you lady.

      It can be difficult. Whether it be words or body parts, the line on what to share can be blurry even for ourselves.

  • I won’t write about certain personal issues because it would hurt other people, and I’m not here to inflict pain. I’m with you on the no nudie pics as well, there are some things that should remain private. I wrote about body image, then I saw on another blog a woman had posted a pic of her post-baby belly, and although I commend her for her bravery, I wouldn’t do it for all the money in the world. 

    • I’m not sure it’s a should thing. For everyone it’s different. for some people I shouldn’t wear short skirts on my blog. So it’s about what we’re comfortable with. But yes, it won’t be me any time soon. 😉

  • I will never post photos of my son and husband, ie not ones that you can identify them.

    And I will never post about my inlaws and relatives if it’s a negative story.

    • I’m the same about relatives and in-laws. not that have much, if any, cause to. But I just think that I won’t always feel that way, why give it air time. It’s a thing that has worked for me.

  • sheribombblog

    Hmmm…is it weird that I can’t think of anything? I would actually pose nude. As long as you couldn’t see the rude bits. There are certain topics/stories that I stay away from because although they intertwine with me and my life, they’re a bigger part of someone else’s and I respect their right and request for privacy. I would NEVER deceive my blog readers, but I think that goes without saying for everyone. That’s really all I can think of. I’m always up for adventure so if asked, there’s plenty of crazy things I’d be willing to do for my blog. Although I guess we’ll find out for sure if it’s ever put to the test. Ha.

    • Remind me to commission some nude pics! I bet they’d be fab. And fitting with the blog, you could show off your pin up skills AND your tattoos AND some gorgeous hair and make-up too. I’m actually thinking it could be perfect! you know, for you. 😉

      Agree. The line about never deceive my readers is the OTHER thing I wouldn’t ever do.

      • sheribombblog

        HAH! Commission eh? Your sure you could afford it? 😛

  • There are several things I simply will not do for my blog. I won’t go naked either. Nope. I just can’t.
    I won’t endorse formula or disposable nappy brands because they go against my personal parenting style and I wouldn’t reccommend them to a friend so why my blog friends?
    I won’t go on TV for my blog, or do any articles that require my name or my photo.

    There is loads that I wouldn’t do right now that may change down the track but those are things I have never planned for my blog and could not see myself doing at all.

    • All fine rules put in place by a super fine blogger. And like you said, stuff changes, rules change, our idea on what we want changes. Or it doesn’t. Or it might. It’s your line in the sand.  

  • I didn’t do it for stats 🙁

    • I didn’t mean to imply that. You did it for the reasons outlined in your post. The stats were a by product of that. Like the commenter below who posed for a nude drawing class.

  • I would pose naked for stats. That’s just stupid and short lived anyway. But as a couple building experience of two people who lives have been rocked to the core and need to find a way to make it through each day and live to the tale. Totally. 

  • Hmm, I’m not sure. I guess i’ve never thought of what I wouldn’t do. I know I am quite careful as to over sharing. I try and be open about my life, about things I effect my life, but at the same time, I think i’m quite private. 

    • To some degree I think we make these decisions as we go along. Get an email about this, say yes. Get an email about that, say no. And on and on it goes. 

  • Mumabulous

    If I posed naked on my blog I would have to change its name from Mumabulous to cellulite-abulous. However my hubby who is in great shape for his 44 years went nudie rude for the blog reading public my stats would spike sky high!
    Love Mumabulous

  • Michelle aka Ladydragonfly222

    I hear you. I love that she was ballsy enough to add it to her blog. I do plus size modeling but put very little implied nudes or even risque pics out there for everyone to see. I keep my modeling name and share work only with like-minded individuals. My no thing on my blog would be…. ads for things I dont believe in or lying about products. I have to be true to myself and to any readers. That is WHY I blog after all, to share my truth.

    • I agree. Ads that you don’t like, posts about things you can’t stand because they are paid. Those things are very much lines in the sand for me too. Blogging about what you love to do, see, say, wear is the best fun. Anything else for me, right now, doesn’t make sense.