I wonder if the harsh words about Chrissie Swan’s children’s size would have even happened if Chrissie herself was at what is considered a more normal weight? I doubt it. Skinny people have chubby children too. It takes time to learn to do anything and I imagine raising a child is exactly the same. Especially teaching a child to eat well when it’s a battle you’ve waged for a lifetime.

I wonder if red lippie will ever go out of style.

I wonder how life would look if I had been given everything that I ever wanted. I doubt that life would be better or worse. Just different. I wonder if I would still wish for other things. Want them too. Want different things. I probably would. Such is the nature of the beast I assert. Or would life be just perfection. I would like to think that if everything I ever wished for was given to me I would be everything I ever wanted.

I wonder who first named blue, blue. Or pink, pink.

I wonder what makes someone reach out online and call someone names. Horrible, vicious names. Comment on their appearance and their worth as a human. What the heck has gone wrong for them to leave them so twisted that it occurs to them as an ok thing to do? Do they feel good about it? Get a rush of adrenaline? I don’t understand it.

I wonder about the number of fish species in the world. And are there more?

I wonder about what makes one set of parents so gifted and loving and another so aggressive and horrible. I wonder how I got so lucky to have the parents I do. Such warm, loving, accomplished people in their own right. , formidable as a team and something to aspire to as parents. I am lucky and blessed to have them. I’m so grateful.

I wonder why people read this blog some days.

I wonder about a lot of things. It feels nice to get them out of my head.

  • Rachel from Redcliffe Style

    Don’t wonder any longer. Red lippy will never go out of style.

    And we read it because you make us smile 🙂

    • Melissa Walker Horn

      Haha. I didn’t think it would. Good to know. 

      Naw, thanks! 😀

  • I wonder if Thelma, Daphne, and Fred from the Scooby Doo show ever hooked up? 🙂

    It makes me so angry that people have to be so mean and have something to say about things that have nothing at all to do with them.

    • Melissa Walker Horn

      Me toooooo! Gosh. So confusing. 

      And yes! Me too again. 

  • Red lipstick is never, ever out of style. Now, if only I could find the perfect shade for me. 

    I have to admit…I judged the size of Chrissie Swan’s children. Not because she is larger, or because I think being larger is unattractive, I guess I have personal experience with family members who have being overweight since childhood and the health ramifications for them have been significant. I immediately told myself off for judging, though, because it isn’t really any of my damn business. 

    I have to admit, I don’t understand internet trolls. It seems like such an enormous waste of energy. 

    • Melissa Walker Horn

      I finally found my perfect shade in the Revlon lip butter ones in candy tart. Loving it. But will need to see if it goes with my new hair. 

      Thanks for your honesty. I think we all noticed that her son is a big boy. And like my mother always said, you don’t get Shetland ponies out of Draught Horses. 😛 

      Yes, that exactly. 

  • a) i dont know alot about the Chrissie Swan issue, but from what ive read, a few people appeared to have issues with the fact she was content with her own weight and therefore didnt care if her children were slightly overweight. Im not sure if this was correct, as i said its only what i read, but if so i think its a shame if she isnt worrying about providing healthy options for her children.

    b) Red lippie will not go out of style, however i am wayyy not game enough to wear it.

    c) you wonder about fish? so random haha i loled at that one.

    d) i read for the exact reason above – you make me laugh and entertain me and i love being let into your life though the blog.


    • Melissa Walker Horn

      a) Her comments were about her not buying into the your fat so your a bad person thing. She also mentioned other stuff about her dealing with a number of issues with regard to her and her son’s weight. The commenter’s went to town. There was a lot more to it than that. But I just wonder. Do you remember how chubby Bec & Llyeton Hewitt’s kids were? And no comment… You know? 

      b) Yay! No really, do it. It’s fun.

      c) Haha. I know, fish, weird right?

      d) Thank you, you’re very kind. And you’re welcome. 🙂  

  • whiningattheworld

    Oh good, I’m not the only one who wonders about stuff.

    Why are people sometimes so mean online? I think (well I hope really) that it’s because the forget that it’s a real person at the other end reading their venom. Or maybe they are just sad, angry or mean people.

    • Melissa Walker Horn

      Haha. I’m glad to hear that. 

      I think that too. Or assume that’s the case. Hope it’s the case. Not that they are just cruel nasty so and so’s.