This week has been big in terms of this BLOG {not bog like the newsletter said. Fail!}. Big in terms of visits. Big in terms of me digging deep and saying the things that were there for me to say. Funny, I can go weeks or even months between having a good bust out with a rant or a gut wrenching purge. Then all it comes and it’s on the page all in the one week.  I hope you all survived it. Sometimes when I unload this stuff on the page I worry for you all being covered in it. Did you do ok this week? Didn’t get too much guts on you?

I’ve been deep into writing the Confident You posts and in the process I have been stripping back everything I’ve ever learnt. Lots of experiences and challenges that brought me to where I am today. People too, lots and lots of people. At the same time I’m having some sort of crisis of confidence. I know, that’s irony, right? Who am I to think I can write this. What do I think is going to happen, people just wake up and ARE confident? I’m not an expert, what if people think I’m trying to be one? What if no one reads them!? Or WORSE, read them and think they’re stupid?

And on and on it goes. But that voice, the questioning, is what makes me feel like I’m on the right track. It’s always darkest before dawn, right? The final resistance of the things holding me back from sharing these things I’ve learnt. I’m going through the process of gaining confidence all over again in order to share it with you how. If that’s the one result to come out of this series, I think it will be enough for me. It would be nice if people did read them. You know, more than my Hubby I mean.

See, crisis of confidence. Sigh.

So it’s Saturday night and I’ve cancelled all our plans. I’m going to write. Be here with Hubby and cook us a big dinner of food to nourish us and restore us after this week. It’s all I can do. It’s time to recharge and take care of myself physically and emotionally. Sometimes we can expose ourselves and in doing so rub ourselves raw. It’s important to take the time to recover, I think.

Before you wear yourself out entirely.

  • I love how honest you are in your posts 🙂 As I said on Twitter – I can so relate! (not related as I said on twitter haha) The conversation you have been having with yourself during the process of writing your ‘Confident You’ series is the same or similar conversation I have been having with myself over the start of my blog!! As you know, I only started my blog just over a month ago and it’s still evolving as I sort out what I want it to be. What started as just me sitting down writing some blog posts has grown though – I joined twitter and am learning about that, I’ve joined Digital Parents and Qld Bloggers so I’m trying to be a good member of those communities, I’m reading blogging e-learning stuff, I’m learning about linky parties and floggin your blog and blogging etiquette and more – all the while still having that similar conversation as yours going on in my head……and I’ve been exhausted!! So tired!! BUT…I love it – just need to learn to pace myself better and schedule my days better and factor in some rest time away from the computer. I have no doubt at all that your Confident You series will be just as fabulous as you are and yes many people will read your Confident You posts. I know I will! I always find your posts very confident and funny and uplifting 🙂 I think it’s good that it’s forcing you to strip back some layers as you write. That will make what you write much deeper and meaningful and from the heart. Looking forward to it! xo

    • Thank you. What kind and reassuring words. If there is anything I could offer you in return it’s that you can learn as much as you like from the books and groups etc but mostly you just have to get in and blog it. Try and fail and try again. And take that time out to recharge. It’ll make you better in the end.

  • First thing you will know you’re doing the right thing with the post seriescandcdesires to ell and share with others if……..there is that internal dialogue that has you doubting one second and knowing you will regret not taking the risk in the next. Step forth into your greatness, you’re going to shine.

    Secondly totally getting the recharge, I have so needed it myself this week. Playing dress ups with all the hats I have at the moment blog, business and new directions, sales, kids, volunteering, study. Which mind you is all well and good but life decided to throw extra into the mix this week, and it all required a shake up and sometimes the one thing that has to give is the blog. I’m totally shattered this evening after a day of volunteering and have pulled up stops to this evening I need space and recharge time I need the reserves charged up and ready for Monday.

    • Thank you Trudie. I will suck in the deep breathes and just do it. For sure. Having this platform, this chance, makes it worth it.

      You have so much spinning in the air at the moment. I admire you so much for that. And that you know when it’s time for you to take a step back and rest. I look forward to seeing you back on deck Monday. xo

  • I am looking forward to them Mel, I love everything you write (except some of the fashion stuff, haha) I am sure if you have put so much time and thought (hopefully a bit of your zany randomness) and so much of your self into them, then they will be reading gold!!

    • Naaaw thank you Tony. I appreciate that. I had a little giggle at the except the fashion stuff bit. Poor you, it must suck sometimes to have been here since before the change.

  • sydneyshopgirl

    Know where you’re coming from with the need to recharge.

    Looking forward to more greatness!

    SSG xxx

  • Love you babe.. I do read and checkout my pics

  • river

    Taking the time to recover is the most important thing. burning out too often leads to stress and no-one needs that.