As I strutted through the shops the other day and I noticed something. Dressed in my boots, stripe pencil skirt, black tee and ombre hair flying in the breeze, I was getting a bit of attention. Not all of it good. I’m being totally up myself here. Most of the attention was from women. You know, checking me out. Sussing me out more like it.

So I did what I do best and I caught their eye. Some smiled. Some looked a little busted. One or two scrunched up their nose at me. One rolled her eyes. Interesting I thought. What’s THAT about? I let it go while I shopped but as I wandered back to my office I couldn’t help but give it a little more thought. What WAS up with that? There was nothing offensive about my outfit, I had nothing in my teeth and my skirt definitely wasn’t tucked in my undies.

I think I might have just annoyed them with my strut.

The very nerve of me. The nerve of me to want to be fashionable, to enjoy clothes and colours and shock horror, wear horizontal stripes across my ASS. And perhaps this is ridiculously conceited of me to even have this conversation with you all but heck, if you can’t be up yourself on your own blog, where can you be? Mostly, I want to know why it was important for those women to turn their nose up at me.

I’ll never know. I should have asked them. Can you imagine me just wondering on over and saying, so are you having a bad day or something or do I just push your buttons? Do you ever get like that? Wonder what other people are thinking when it would be really inappropriate to ask? I wish life continued on like when you’re a kid and you can ask, hey Mum why is that man staring at us? As awkward as it is, at least then you’d know.

Do you think maybe I actually DID have something in my teeth?

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  • Kimmie

    Honey I just think they have issues and narrow minded opinions that you need not concern yourself with. Opinions are like backsides every body has one. Ya would know by know that I am not the swearing type but F the turned up noses and rolling eyes of the twisted sister brigade (that make me ashamed to be a woman – men don’t behave like that). Go you good thing – keep on being the beautiful you we all know and love!!

    • Melissa Walker Horn

      It’s a strange thing to witness the male response vs the female. Men looked but didn’t judge with their faces and expressions. Women almost always did. That’s a battle of the sexes event that the men win hands down. Thanks for weighing in!

  • Tony Roberts

    Maybe it is more of “How dare you take attention off me” . Whatever it is Mel, just take it as a form of flattery :)

    • Melissa Walker Horn

      I think I will! Thank T.

  • Danimezza

    I love the stares good and bad 😀 (now THAT’S conceited) especially in stores, I usually end up making my way over and suggesting an item I think will suit… then later in the changeroom they’re my best friend because I know what the hell I’m talking about.

    99% of the time their initial gut reaction is jealousy not of how you look but of your confidence. You’re wearing exactly what you want to wear out in public and whilst they shy away in ill fitting clothes and boring colours they’re having an argument within them selves “Why can’t I wear stuff like that bitch?”. Women are their own worst enemy.

    The strut is an awesome thing, never let anyone take that away from you x

    Just had a thought… image if we strutted along together, we’d made Westfield our bitch 😛

    • Melissa Walker Horn

      Due you better believe we would rock the socks off of that! Thanks for adding to the conversation here. Love the change room story, it’s SO true. I always end up in a whirl of women at my local Autograph store, all talking clothes and trends and trying new things. We should open a shop perhaps. Haha.

  • C.L

    Sometimes you just know you look good, so why not have the attitude to match? I welcome any kind of stare these days :)

    • Melissa Walker Horn

      Haha. LOVE IT.

  • Smaggle

    This is hilarious because I used to have this notion that people always looked at me every where I went and my boyfriend pointed out to me it’s because I LOOK AT PEOPLE every where I go. They are reacting to me looking at them. Maybe you’re a starer just like me and you haven’t figured it out yet? :-)

    • Melissa Walker Horn

      Baaaahaha. Possible! Probable even. HA.
      Well spotted boyfriend of Smaggle, well spotted.

  • river

    They were probably jealous that you were having such a fabulous day when they had to be shopping, cleaning, paying bills etc

    • Melissa Walker Horn

      Haha. Bill paying sucks!

  • Jeanie

    If people stare at me, my thought process is along the lines of ‘they’re checking out my new boots. Yep their cool alright!’. And I strut right along feeling even better about myself. Lol

    • Melissa Walker Horn

      Haha. Me too! Hence the shock when there was eye rolling. It was like, uhh what? Does not compute…! 😉

  • Rhonda Hartman

    I get that sometimes and later I always think of a snappy retort. But never in the moment, in the moment I just get my feelings hurt.

    • Melissa Walker Horn

      Naaaw, well that sucks. Don’t give them that! xox

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