I have to stack the dishwasher again.

I have to fill my car with fuel.

I have to find something to wear.

I have to save money.

I have to find a way for those two things to happen together.

I have to get to bed earlier.

I have to get stuff done.

I have to exercise.

I have to tidy up the incoming mail pile again.

I have to get off Pinterest.

I have to read more.

I have to find the time to make plans for my dreams.

I have to get out more.

I have to plan decorations for a party.

I have to book another.

I have to find a way to have it all.

Or be ok with not.

I have to empty my head of this endless list of things because more and more, later and later at night I find I can’t sleep because the list is building, it might just crush me. The important. The urgent. The important and urgent. The not so much of either. The things I want. The things I feel I need. And the things I actually do need. Sometimes my mind races. It happens in cycle with when it sloooows right down. When it packs up shop and just goes on leave. Up and down. Fast and slow. Round and round I go.

I’m ok.

I just have a lot I want to do.

And what I really HAVE to do is remember, it doesn’t all need to be done right now.

Well, the dishes. They need to be done now, but that’s about it.

  • sydneyshopgirl

    I feel this way sometimes too.

    But hey, it’s FRIDAY!!!!!!!!

    SSG xxx

  • bodyandfeetretreat

    I think the key is actually making a few lists of things that HAVE to be done, things you WANT to do and things that would be nice to do – I am a HUGE believer in lists and have them going all the time. I love crossing things off my list when they are done – for me, it’s a great feeling !
    Hope you manage to do all you HAVE to and NEED to and get to the things you WANT to without too much trouble !
    Have the best Friday !

    • Thank you, this is actually a really, really good idea! Some lists, coming right up.

  • sheribombblog

    YES! The whole ‘not right now’ thing is a big one. One I constantly have to remind myself of too. The Man has a great saying – ‘If it’s important it’s not urgent and if it’s urgent it’s not important’. Better to focus your energy on doing things well then stress and rush and push only to feel like you haven’t done your best. When I start feeling like it’s all getting too much I switch off for a weekend. Barely look at social media, don’t worry or stress about getting things done and just prove to myself that the world won’t end if I’m not going my thing. It’s the perfect little break I need and then I’m right back at it in a more focused and productive way. Deep breaths 🙂

    • Switch off indeed. Oh my goodness. Sometimes I just need to take some time too. Even a day or two makes all the difference. Deep breaths. Deep breaths indeed.

  • river

    “I have to” is bad enough, but I hate it when someone else says “you have to”, because I already know I have to, I’ve just been putting it off. Tsk Tsk bad me…..