Introducing the newest member of the family, due for delivery in March {yes, the March that is only days away}. This is the Honda CR-Z. This car is everything I wanted in a car rolled into one. This car drives like a sports car but has a Hybrid engine. Sure it only has dicky seats in the back, but as you know, I have no kids {it does have car seat mounts though, I checked}. It’s beautiful and fun and everything I wanted for the next couple of years.

And you have to watch this video, watch Sasha {the lady in the video}  hook it out of the vineyard in the last 10 seconds. THAT’s my favourite bit. That and her fabulous shoes in the first half of the video. Check it out.

Not sponsored. I did tweet Honda to tell them of my purchase, they declined my offer to make another video like Sasha’s. They were however excited to hear how I went with the car when I got it. I’m thinking maybe I should have shown them the Volvo video with Danimezza? Do you think THAT would change their mind?


  • stinkb0mb

    i *love* that you are getting this. i have total car envy. now don’t get me wrong, i *love* my lancer but i have plans for her to *one day* be the second car and i want something sporty, something two door because lets face it, we ain’t ever gonna need a backseat.

    enjoy my friend, every single minute of driving her or is it a him? or are you not weird like me and don’t assign both a sex and a name to your cars?


    • Me too! It’s all kinds of fabulous. I had a few conversations with myself abut the pros and cons. Laughing about how funny it would be if THIS was the catalyst for finally being pregnant. Haha. Naughty old plans of the universe etc etc. But you know what. That probably won’t happen. And if it does, then I’ll love her every time I slide that front seat forward and bundle my baby into it’s tiny back seats. SO, win win I say. I tell you this, because I know you’ll get it. that it won’t just be ramblings to you.

      She’s a her. no name yet. Just baby girl Walker. 😛

  • Well, it’s kind of a little bit about a baby. I’m sure guys would think it was even better! x

    • It was, actually, wasn’t it. My hubby thinks it’s great. But it’s so predictable to market a car at men. Love that Honda took a different approach.

  • Ohhh! Exciting! You need to make a video anyway, just to show it off!

  • Kim

    Now that is one sexy car!!! Definitely make a video just cause you would make us all laugh out loud lots & thats always a good thing !!

    • Baby GOT back. So sexy. And you know what, I’m going to. Might even have to talk Dani into coming for a visit and helping out. 😛

  • Kat

    For sure! That should’ve been your whole pitch.
    I personally don’t have a vineyard to hook in and out of or a fancy shmancy art gallery around the corner from my local Japanese Teppanyaki hang out.

    But I DO have a silly sense of fun and I also have a crazy friend I could rope into sharing my joy on camera so your version of this video would be a much more marketable to someone like me.

    Give it a Sugar make-over, pleeeeeeaase 😀

    • Haha. I might just do that. And you’ll be one of the first to know! 😉

  • Congratulations, she’s lovely.
    I’m trying to think of names I could suggest, but really can’t come up with anything.
    I’m sure you’ll think of something.

    • Thank you.

      I’m thinking along the lines of Scout. Hubby doesn’t want a girlie name since my last car’s name was Jazzy. It was a Jazz. I’m trying to be a little more creative this time. 😉

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