Blogging, I just don’t know how to do it any different. Me, I just don’t know how to be any different. Simple as that. Last night I was taking a look at some analytics and stats stuff. I was updating my media kit and revising some rates, blah blah. I noticed that since November last year this blog as sort of hovered around the same level. The quote about things that are standing still are actually going backwards ran through my mind. I considered lots of things in my over-thinker brain. My blog, perhaps, is on the slow path to dying. Slipping backwards by the very nature of not moving forward. And it’ll be one of those slow, painful type of deaths. Just you wait and see. One of those awkward theatrical deaths performed only by the very worst of actors in theatre sports type games. A blog, after all, reflects the blog owner. Then in a moment of calm, brought to me by a small reminder from the universe I realised, I don’t know how to be any different, so I don’t care.

That moment looked a little like this.

A young woman I know was apologising for a raft of things about herself. My old lady instinct kicked in and I told her there are plenty of things that you can apologise for in this life, but being yourself isn’t one of them. NEVER apologise for being yourself, I said. For hurt feelings and misunderstanding, sure. But not for who you are. My poor little heart beat faster for this teenage girl. I wanted to reach through and hug her. Shake her a little until she knew. Save her the years of journeying and struggle. Just be yourself, the true you. Do it now. Don’t wait. Just dig deep and muster all the courage you have and be yourself. Whoever that is right now, for as long as that lasts and that takes courage. In high school it takes all kinds of courage and I speak of high school with my most recent experience being over 12 years ago.

It was a timely reminder for me.

I don’t know how to be me any differently.

I don’t know how to blog any differently.

And I won’t try. Not now that I’m finally here.

Not now that I know who I am.

  • Mel

    we do not wish you to be different, it is because of who you are that we like you. Love you even. You are a real blogger – not like some that seem to throw themselves constantly in the limelight who maybe are more puff than purpose. Thank you for being you. I am glad to have met you.

  • I love your blog Melissa. Don’t worry about the stats. You are charming and a good writer with great style. What’s not to like?

  • sydneyshopgirl

    I agree with SarahMac. You’ve worked hard to get where you are. Your honesty and beautiful nature are the exerts t your blog. Stats don’t mean squat to your readers.

    SSG xxx

  • Jane Allan

    It’s a wonderful thing when you finally become comfortable in the skin you are in. Stay true to you and be all you can be.

    • It is. I have moments where I waiver now and again but I snap back pretty quickly now. 🙂

  • Amy Wells

    I love your blog – sometimes I have no experience of what you’re writing about, or I wish that I did, but I’m pretty much always loving your stuff! Especially the pixel glasses, they’ re awesome!

    • Thank you Amy. Glad to hear that even when we don’t share an experience you can still connect with it. I’m glad.

  • Hi Suger, sounds like you need a break. Some ‘you’ time. I’m just in the process of designing my first blog and am freaking out about going public and keeping it up, day after day, week after week. I appreciate all the advice about being authentic and true to yourself, it’s made me really look at the good things that I do have to offer. But why can’t bloggers take a break? All creatives do, you’re not a machine, I say take a little time out to refresh and restore.

    • You’re probably right. A break in the weather mostly. A chance to be outside and to soak up some sunshine. Gosh I miss sunshine. I’m glad you enjoy the posts and that they’ve impacted you. That makes me really proud. Good luck with the launch of your new blog, when it goes live let me know. I’d love to check it out.

  • Stacey Orr

    I love your honesty with yourself and readers!

  • NicVine

    As a newbie blogger, I find your blog a fresh and inspiring place to be. I have only stumbled upon you in the past 4 months or so, so just remember that although all the tech talk and analytics might suggest one thing, people like me are discovering you for the first time and coming back for more! Just keep doing what you do!

  • Patrick weseman

    Do what you enjoy doing. Too many people study stuff and read into analytics and stuff. Just do what comes naturally. The problem is that you start blogging for others than yourself. I feel that we blog for our own creative outlet(at least I do).

  • Mummy Manifesto

    Hi Melissa, I read a quote from Darren Rowse recently that is loosely interpreted as “a loyal engaged 100 readers are better than thousands of unengaged readers.” That quote keeps me going when my own little blog is standing still. You have a wonderful community here…your blog is one of the ones I always check first in the morning. What is Suger & hubby up to today, I wonder? Ha ha Now I sound like a stalker! Love your work, maybe time for another fashion or fitness challenge? I would have loved to see your interpretation of Fox in Flats Style Dare March

    • No stalker at all. Thank you. You {and Darrren, of course} are absolutely right. You’re right, I think. Time to sink my teeth into something again. That would be fun. I can’t imagine how I would pull it off with my work clothes restrictions… Hmmmm, might be worth a think. 😉

  • Rach aka Stinkb0mb

    “Today you are You, that is truer than true. There is no one alive who is Youer than You.”

    How is that Dr Seuss, *always* seems to have the right words for most scenarios?

    YOU are fabulous, why oh why would you want to be anyone else? Answer? You wouldn’t and your readers wouldn’t want you to be either x

    • That Dr Seuss is the smartest. Always has the right words. Thank you Rach. You’re absolutely correct. I never stay someone else for long. 😉