Let’s face it, we ALL know my hair could totally look like this if it’s humid…

This isn’t a long post. It’s not even an interesting post. But I wanted to, errr, reserve this dress in case any of the lovelies coming to my party considered it. I’m keeping my eyes out in case something more neon shows up, but this City Chic beauty is winging its way to me just in case. I’ll pair it with the amazing shoes from Big Shoe-Zam {gifted} and some neon overload accessories. So if you were thinking of buying either. Don’t. Thank you very much. I called shot gun.  I even spotted tights in a $2 show today that I may turn into gloves… Eighties kids, eat your heart out.


The End.

  • HOOOTTT!!! You are going to look amazing Suger!
    I’m really worried that Ben and I will be too clown-like now. That is to sexy for words!

  • Those shoes will look super amazing with that dress – could they be a more perfect match?

  • Susan Drysdale

    Fabulous Dress!
    Hugs, Susan @stylingwithsusieblog.com

  • sydneyshopgirl

    Killer outfit. Killer.

    • I’m hoping so. It should arrive this week, hoping it won’t need alterations.

  • Housewife in Heels

    Love the dress and the shoes… but most of all, I love that you can shot-gun an outfit via blogging!…. if only Sally Field/ (or Hillary Swank) had publicly shotgunned Valentino frock for the Oscars….

  • it’s your party – you can dibs whatever you want. great dress by the way.

  • Oh, I think you’ll rock that dress and those shoes are amazing, I wish I could fit into them!

    • Thank you! I HOPE SO. I know, the only time, practically ever, that it rocks to have big feet. 😀