There was, in December, a little band of bloggers who joined me to give it a go. We had varying levels of success. I know I had a day or so where my resolve left and I caffeinated my butt off. Mostly, the experience was good. I slept better and felt better overall. I’ve been able to keep my caffeine levels really low since. For anyone looking to get back to a cup or two a day, I highly recommend it.

Now. There was something else. Something I promised the players. I took a look at the posts {and so did hubby} and we choose a winner. Congratulations to Kate from UndomestiKated. You my dear will get a package of love from the Suger household. Send me an email with your postal address and I’ll get it in the mail to you.

If you want to check out the brave Decaf December souls, here they are;


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