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Right. Welcome back. Now wasn’t THAT something!!? 

Maybe this boxer shouldn’t have done what he did. But then, maybe the other dude shouldn’t have harassed him on Twitter for months on end. Maybe the world has gone crazy. Maybe twitter might seem a little more ‘real’ to these troll types if they thought the person they were bullying {in this case a boxer, derrr Fred} might come to their house for a few words!

You know, hunt them down where they sleep! 

It’s a scary prospect the thought of a boxing champion {former, that’s what the issue was, I think} coming to confront you. Trained to beat people they are. I’m sure most of them are nice family guys and nothing to be scared of. But do you really want to be the one to test that?

Not me. I’ve never thought it was a good idea to taunt them. Seems a bit unsafe to me. That’s not a battle you are going to win. So boy oh boy did I laugh when this internet hero, this keyboard warrior got what was coming to him… I’m feeling very eye for an eye on this topic. Curious, that’s very unlike me. But in this case, I don’t care.

Sure old mate troll probably poo’ed his pants a bit. But heck, at least he took the time he spent cowering in the cupboard under his stairs* to think about what he had done. The HUMAN BEING on the other end of his taunts. He apologised and hopefully that’s one less troll on the interwebs.

Because of that, I’m glad the boxer did what he did. But I’m especially glad that it turned out okay for everyone in the end. No punches thrown and all that.

What do you think? Was it a bit silly of Boxer dude to go to confront him, or did old mate get what he deserved? 

* I made that bit up. But you can picture it too, right? 

  • Amy Wells

    I think its perfectly fine what he did – its no different to telling your parents about a school built and having your dad march around to their house and confront them. It just happens to be two adults in this situation, one of whom should be old enough to know better and pull his bloody head in ( you know, before a boxer does it for him!)

    • I’m pretty sure these days your Dad would have to write a note to the principal. No storming allowed. 😉

  • Rach aka Stinkb0mb

    Nope sorry not ok by me. Two wrongs NEVER make a right and the boxer should have known better. And he didn’t harass him on Twitter for months on end, he sent him some tweets after Curtis lost his fight. Curtis then sent the troll threatening messages saying he was coming to get him – so he too turned into a bully and if the troll wanted, he could have had him done for threatening behaviour.

    Amy says it was two adults, one of whom should be old enough to know better – true and so should have Curtis. He should have had the smarts to just ignore him, walk away, block and report him to Twitter but instead he chose to sink to the trolls level and fire back at him, what he was giving to Curtis but take it to the next level and confront him in person.

    I’ve seen the same behaviour on some popular Australian blogs. Someone leaves a comment that either disagrees with the blogger or calls them out on something and the bloggers “fans” [usually fan GIRLS] come out in force and throw mud back at the original commentator and by doing it, they’re indulging in behaviour that they’re calling out the first commentator out on!

    I’m not saying trolling is ever ok because it’s not but sinking to their level isn’t either and I’m a big believer in two wrongs never making a right and so Curtis Woodhouse’s behaviour is just as out of order as the trolls was.

    • I normally would agree with you. Seriously. I think this could have gone wrong in a multitude of ways that would have been horrible for everyone. I don’t know why, but this time I cheered a little. I’m sick of people forgetting their manners online perhaps? Forgetting that there are real people behind their flip comments.

  • Trolls are bullies there is no doubt about that.

    Bullies on pick on people who they think are weaker than them. And on the internet, people are empowered by the anonymity afforded by the technology and become internet bullies – trolls. The only way to stop a bully is to stand up to them or get away from them completely. Zero contact. You can’t protect yourself on the internet the way you would in person.

    Curtis did not go and hit this man. He turned up at his door and turned the tables on the bully. He showed the bully that he was not weak and he was not going to tolerate his behaviour. And there was no fight. And he got an apology of sorts.

    It would not work for everyone because let’s face it, we are not all that imposing in person. But to turn the tables on a bully? He did it without violence and he got to the heart of what a bully is.

    They are weak damaged people who try and make themselves feel better by targeting people they see as weaker than themselves. This troll doesn’t feel very manly so he safely (so he thinks) targets a very masculine figure on Twitter. He attacks this man for the very thing that he envies, his masculinity. The troll is thinking, ‘if I attack this very masculine figure, I must be even more masculine’. This is basic psychology of a bully. He thinks he is safe because this is just the internet and there is no real harm in it. Unless somebody shows up at your door. Then he is exposed as the coward he is. All trolls are bullies. All bullies are at heart cowards.

    • Like I said to Rach below, I think we just get sick of people just doing what they want online and thinking there are no consequences. I think that’s why we giggle {or even cheer} when something like this happens. I know some days I’ve had it all up to my ears and I think what the HELL do we do to make a change??