When I was younger, nothing would make me bawl like the Human Kindness song in Beaches, the movie. Bette Midler and her big ass voice would do it every time. She would start to sing, the music would build and well that was the end of me. Emotive music will always move me to tears. Always. I’m a sucker for a soundtrack. That song said everything that movie had to say. Love or hate it {the movie, I mean} I challenge you to hear that song and not be moved. Really, I do.

But this isn’t about that song, it’s about what that song is about. Human kindness.

Today as I drove to work, in a school zone, a large sandy coloured dog was hit by a car. It was a few cars in front of me so when I came closer I could already see a woman had flung herself from her own vehicle and was cradling the poor dog. She held it in a way that we all would hope something we love would be cradled in what may be its final minutes. I don’t know if it was her dog. I doubt it, the co-incidence of that would be huge. But she knelt, on the edge of the road and held this dog whispering in its ear.

That my friends is kindness. For no reward. Just plain old humans being kind. That woman shaped my day today. If she by some turn of fate ends up reading this, I want to say this; Dear lady, I am proud of you. Thank you. That dog, whether it made it through this accident or not knew in that traumatic moment love. Open. Honest. Real. Love. And that’s all any of us can ask for in this life.

So thank you.

You did good.

  • “Tin can at my feet, think i’ll kick it down the street, that’s no way to treat a friend….”
    I always thought that was such a powerfully sad line. Often think of it.
    I hope something really awesome happens top that lady. She deserves some good karma. x x

  • God love her. I’m moved to tears.

  • sheribombblog

    I’m so glad that lady exists in this world. I really hope the dog is ok 🙁 P.S That movie in general makes me bawl. I’ve seen it so many times and yet it gets me every time. Haven’t watched it in years now.

    • Me too. On both accounts.
      Same. I was thinking I might pick it up this weekend.

  • Kate

    Oh Suger. You just made me have a little teary. That’s so lovely and so sad at the same time.

    • Naaw, sorry about that. But it was a story that had to be told. You’re right, equal parts lovely and sad. xo

  • Patrick weseman

    That is who we are as a people. Not red state or blue state.