Now I don’t know about you, but I’m a wine and cheese platter kind of girl. I’m assuming if you hang around here with me, maybe you are too. You are, right? I knew it. All the best people are, even if there’s no wine, just cheese.If you’re here, maybe you want to upskill your platter game? Let’s talk cheese platters, shall we?

How to Cheese Platter |

Meet Tess of Success Undressed who has a #cheesesuccess hashtag on Instagram, join in!

How to cheese platter like a pro!

Have a signature style.

Everyone thinks they’re a platter superstar (you know who you are!) and that their platter cannot be rivalled. We all like what we like and have our signature style about it. I love that. That’s platter rule number one for me. Have your signature style.

Be flexible.

But rule number two is that you have to be flexible. My favourite thing to add to a platter now is roasted asparagus and other veggies. I picked this up from a friend who loves to turn her platters into a meal. Sometimes I’m into fruit and nuts, sometimes it’s more antipasti and vegetables.

Start with the cheese.

Rule number three, start with the cheese. I know, it’s a cheese platter, that’s obvious, right? But you’d be surprised how easy it is to get distracted by everything else and end up with cheese being a bit of an afterthought. I like to choose two or three great cheeses (a hard, a soft and a spare) to set the tone for the platter.

happy-hour-with-mr-suger-3 happy-hour-with-mr-suger-4

Be generous.

When it comes to filling your platter, the plate or even the table (like the team at Table and Plate – then you want to be generous. That’s rule number four. Be generous in your servings and accompaniments. Add the largest wedge of cheese you can get. For me, the platter is about abundance and sharing, so don’t get stingy.

all occasions are platter occasions.

And finally, in what turned out to be a ‘rules’ post, rule FIVE is that there’s never an occasion that doesn’t deserve a cheese platter. Dinner for two? Cheese. Gathering with friends? Cheese. Struggling with something and need a mastermind? Yup, cheese will help.

Okay team, do you have a cheese platter hot tip! This blog is sorely missing comments these days (I think we talk on Facebook mostly) so to get us back in the habit pleeeease share with me below what your number one cheese platter tip is. And if I know Vanessa, that’s going to be MORE CHEESE, less other crap. Haha.

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  • Mahina Hathaway

    fruit and toothpicks. I love laying berries out over my cheeses, especially tart fruit like red currents. the bright berry colour looks amazing with the muted yellows of cheeses. I’m also a huge fan of pastes, pates and dips. I try to make my own as much as possible but knowing a few good quality store bought options can be a huge time saver!
    on the boat, I served up a lot of cheese platters. it was so hard to keep each one fresh and interesting. I made a huge effort to search out local products, which made a huge difference and guests really enjoyed it.

    • Yes! I do love a good assortment of fruit. Grapes, berries, dates… All that sort of stuff. dried apricots and all the goodness like that. And it’s so great to incorporate a range of dips and pastes and stuff, so yum to have them drizzled everywhere. Yum. I feel like maybe I need a second post now. Haha. #morecheeseexcuses

  • Kara Lambert

    Offer a choice of carriers for the cheese. I love a sharp cheddar on a dried apricot, or some smooth camembert on a ginger nut, and of course a good piece of fresh artisan bread. Drool!

    • Yeeeessss! YUM. Great tip, lots of carriers. I’m one hundred percetn behind that. 😉

  • Oh I am drooling right now…..I have to take a plate of nibblies for Xmas drinks tomorrow. I wonder if I can pull this off?

    • Just keep putting things on the platter until it’s full and you’ll be fine! Haha. Enjoy. 🙂

  • My problem with adding things that aren’t cheese to my cheeseboard is that there ends up being less cheese… 🙂

  • Marianne

    We love a cheese board round here – in fact, it’s normally our dinner on a Friday night! Can’t beat having a side of dip and crudites to offset all the cheese (there are usually at least 3 on our board), and I’m a massive serrano ham fan too. Just bought all the bits today to use as pur post-lunch grazing option at our family christmas. 😀

    • Yaaaas! Friday night cheese dinner for the win. Mmmm, three cheese options is so where it’s at. Buy ALL the cheese. Haha.

  • Margy Stringer

    Maggie Beer Pheasant Pate’ all the way for this south Aussie gal !! oh and fresh juicy dried prunes .. ( yeah juicy and dried not really two words that go well together hey lol )
    After all that yummy cheese to block you up , some nice prunes are a great addition 😃

    • Haha. But of course! Team Maggie B. And yasss, good add! Prunes and dates (not sure if they have the same medicinal effect) are such a great addition to a platter. YUM.