Oh hey team, it’s ankle boots daaaaay! I was a wee bit excited to write this post because I love ankle boots and I want to make the plus size women of the world love them too. Because they’re awesome. Short versions. But because nothing is easier to wear, can keep you stomping around all day being a boss or cooler than an ankle boots.

You want that right?

Of course you do. Following on from the how I wear knee-high boots post from earlier in the week, this post has two main examples of wearing ankle boots, with jeans or leggings and with skirts and dresses. It’s a little more abbreviated in the skirts and dresses section because I’ve written a WHOLE post about this before. Yay.

How I wear ankle boots as a plus size woman

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Ankle Boots with Skirts and Dresses

I wrote this post especially with my tips for wearing ankle boots with skirts and dresses. Let’s face it; it’s my go-to style, and if you’re going to let someone tell you what to do in this area, it should be me. If you want to click over and read that post, it will open in a new window so you can finish up here. Easy.

Here are some of my favourite outfits, click the image to view.

Oh dear, I could have added outfits to this gallery for daaaaays. Haha. When I say boots are my thing, they absolutely are. Though have you noticed my sneakers sort of took over there for a while? Swings and roundabouts I suppose. But looking at all these posts, with a side order of a winter chill in the air, makes me miss ankle boots with everything.

Ankle boots with leggings or jeans

So ankle boots with jeans and leggings. Awesome! This is a great way to ease yourself into the ankle boot without feeling like you’re wearing a sign that says hey look at me in my ankle boots with a dress. Choosing a similar colour legging or pant to your boots is the baby steps level, going from there with some colour combinations that stretch you a little.

My hot tip here, for keeping things interesting is to show a peek of ankle by cuffing your pants. A simple roll or two will do or wear a cropped style. Not too cropped though, you want a peek, not half a calf. Well, most of the time. The QUEEN of the cuff and the boot has to be the one and only, Nat Tucker from Make it Look Easy, which is what she does, she makes it look easy. Check out her Instagram for more jeans/boots combos. Seriously worth a look. You’ll love Nat.

With jeans and pants I love a slim fit style with ankle boots, but if you’re cuffing them then a boyfriend or slouchier style is perfection as well. I love the post below with the slouchy pleather joggers with the low cut ankle boot. So fun and so good. So experiment with the fit of your pants and if it’s not working, try the cuff or try some socks above the bootline.

Here are some of my favourite outfits, click the image to view.

Buying your ankle boots for plus size legs

This is a tricky one, a question that comes up a lot on my blog and Instagram when I post an image wearing ankle boots is WHERE do I get them, and HOW do I get them to look right (most people mean, not chop my legs off by this). Good question! Let’s talk about that.

First, you want to be looking for a boot with a nice open ankle to give your legs some room. This isn’t always possible, but a few of the wide fit brands are starting to make sure this happens. I even find SOME Target boots can be generous in this department too.

Then, I like a little dip in the front of the boot if I can get it. My nude boots (worn to death, you’ll know the ones) are a perfect example of this. They dip a little at the front, and that makes your legs look longer. Or that’s my opinion anyway. And well, longer legs is always fun regarding balancing out an outfit and it’s proportions.

Right, questions or otherwise? Got a blog post or a photo you want to share of YOU rocking your ankle boots? We’d love to see it, add them in the comments (I’ve double checked the guest feature is enabled for those without Disqus) let’s make this the place to go for such things. 

  • Amelie In Oz

    Thanks for the tips! I really want ankle boots but I haven’t found one that didn’t cut me off. I want a pair that’s flat but won’t cut me off, and so far the ones I see seem like Dutch wooden shoes.

    You, however, rock the ankle boots like a boss!

    • Thank you muchly lady. Ankle boots are SO my thing. So much love for them. And try the tip about the wide ankle and the dip at the front. These nude boots go with ANYTHING because of that. Keep searching.

  • I think the most important question about ankle boots is socks, how do you wear them? Especially with otherwise bare legs. If the socks are too short, you can get rubbing, if they are too long, they show. I mean, that’s okay if you want your socks to show, as a purposeful thing, but not otherwise 🙂 I usually try folding but that doesn’t always work.

    • I’ve just always used a well fitting, low cut ankle sock. Like a sports sock. These nude boots are the hardest to wear socks with, I only have one pair that works (super low, without the rubbing) but if they’re in the wash, it’s sockless (I know, I know, don’t judge me, hahaha) or stockings.

  • Ailsa Kemp

    Ugh, they look so cute on you! Boots are a hit or miss for me – cankles, shapeless, weird, or plain sexy and perfect. Life struggles haha

    • Haha. The struggle is real lady. Hang in there, your NEXT perfect pair are out there somewhere for sure.

  • Casey Ces

    I absolutely adore ankle boots! I find that ankle boots that come up a little higher on the ankle chop you off and give the cankle look.
    Personally for me low cut ankle boots, ones that have cut outs on the side to expose ankle bones, and those with an enclosed wedge give a lengthening effect and balance out our curvy legs.
    I wear mine with skirts, dresses, pants, shorts. They are comfy and look hot!!
    My best tip is to try them on if possible and once you discover the style that works for you, go for it!!

    • Love this! These are GREAT tips. I personally love the low slung ones too. I’ve worn higher on the ankle but low and wide will always be my look. I haven’t tried a cut out pair, I’ll have to add it to my list.

      • Casey Ces

        Cut out ones are amazing! I have a pair from Jo Mercer – they are called Banshee. Come in black and a nude/camel colour. I have the black and I love them so much I’m getting the nude/camel too!

        • Ooooo, I love Jo Mercer shoes, I wore them for years before others got wise to a standard size 11 offering. The nude/camel sounds perfect, I’m going to check THAT out.

  • Omay Ortega

    Hello! I have never been encouraged to use them, but casually today I saw some that I liked a lot and do not hesitate to buy them, now big are color as light gray or cream … Does the same recommendation apply or do they look good on black ones?

    • Grey and cream work! I have had ankle boots in all colours and styles. Go for it!

      • Omay Ortega

        Thank u! 😉