Look, pinning your own content is a bit like liking your own status on Facebook, it’s okay if it happens now and again by accident but all the time… Come on. Or that’s what I thought anyway. But I changed my mind. I created some content specific albums on Pinterest for my blog posts and I’ve never looked back. Now here I am with this how to pin your blog posts on Pinterest post!

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t have a massive referral from social media compared to a lot of people but what I do get comes regularly and often enough to make the effort worth while. So sometimes you have to let go of being the weirdo that pins their own photos and just do it.

Want some proof it’s worth the weirdness? I have a strong response on the Facebook page. The ladies and gents click the posts at a pretty decent rate. But a single pin on Pinterest can double or even quadruple the number of views that I get from the same Facebook post. Sure not every time, but when a pin gets going, it really goes. Not to put too fine a point on it, Pinterest sort of bitch slaps Facebook for click-throughs and actual visits to my blog.

Plus it’s free to be in the feed on Pinterest.

Side eye Facebook. 

And I have less than 1,000 followers on Pinterest (edit: now over 7,000). I’m in the small fish category. Imagine the blogs and brands that have tens of thousands or hundreds of thousands of followers. No really, lets all take a moment to imagine THAT… Whoa! But from my experience even a small number of followers can help to grow your blog traffic with their regular clicks. Even a little bit convinced to give it a shot? We’ll let’s get on with it!

Pinterest - how to pin posts from your blog - suger coat it

How to pin your blog posts on Pinterest without looking like the attention seeking whore that you are;

Don’t pin everything you have ever written at once.

Too many pins in one hit and you’ll drive people nuts. You’ll clog their feed of just you and that’s only going to do one thing… Annoy them! Pin fail. If you plan to add your older content to your boards, add a dozen or so a day until your done. Or have a couple of sittings with a decent gap between them if you are desperate to get on board NOW.

Make sure your photos and content are worth pinning.

This is probably going to come off as a bit harsh but if your photos are bad, dull or plain old boring they won’t get repinned anyway so you’re wasting your time. No amount of how to pin your blog posts posts will be able to help you. Make sure your photos are light and bright, graphs interesting or charts just awesome. Add a caption to your image or the post title. This is especially useful for recipe or how to posts.

Create ‘Your Content’ specific boards.

I have boards titled On the Blog {She Wore What}, Fooding and Drinking and Confident You. Just to give you an example. I’ve seen Pinners have ‘My Blog’ or “On the Blog’ boards. These are okay but people will search for specific topics or things on Pinterest so maybe something a little less specific would help. So Food on My Blog or My Outfit of the Day will cover both bases.

Don’t make it ALL about you.

Pinterest is a big wide world, so make sure you are returning the pinning favour by creating boards that are interesting, useful and full of beautiful content for people to share. The most popular of ALL my Pinterest boards is my Closet and Outfit Dreaming board. Packed with fashion finds and outfit inspiration plus size woman love it. Very rarely do I pin anything from my blog directly to there, yet it still contributes to a lot of new followers who end up adding the On the Blog board as well.

Don’t get disheartened if it doesn’t work straight away.

Sometimes it takes time for your pins to get out there. Maybe you’re still building your audience and there simply aren’t as many repinners out there to spread the world. Never fear, if your content is good and you have followed the other rules for Pinterest self-love it’ll happen. Up until January I had around 250 follows on Pinterest. Then last month the number of followers tripled thanks predominately to one pin. It just takes one thing to start the ball rolling. Hang in there.

Pinterest: How to pin your own blog posts

The Original Pin It post image, I updated this in Feb 2015 to add my blog branding and a more specific title. You Live, you learn, right?

That is about it. All I can think of at the moment. I’m sure it will more than get you started, and when if I pick up any more tricks along the way, I’ll be sure to share them with you all. Pinterest is certainly the one to watch at the moment, social media wise. I know people are still banging on about Google+ but well, it bores me to tears. And my first rule of bloggings always has been if it’s not fun, don’t do it. So Pinterest it is.

Visit Suger Coat It’s profile on Pinterest.

Is pinning your own content something you think you will try? Do you have any pinning your own content tips? Or Pinterest tips at all? I’d love to hear them.

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  • Thanks you have made me feel a bit better about it. I post the occasional pin to an article or graphic but usually feel weird. I like the idea of creating a board though.

    • Great! Like giving yourself a high five, right? Haha. I think of it more like sharing my posts on Facebook now. Rather than acknowledging a good post.

  • I so need to pull my Pinterest finger out and get going like a pro. I have found it hard to find the my way with…..I know that sounds stupid. I know logically how good it would be for my blog and business and I really need and should do it, I need a complete crash course in Pinterest and what to do and being cool with it. Do I direct people to the blog or to Facebook where I’ll soon have my store tab with Ecwid? Agrrrrrrr I don’t know, all I do know is a have pretty pathetic boards now that haven’t been updated in forever.

    • Yes, do! You’ll have to pin from your blog, you can’t pin from Facebook at all. It’s a block thing apparently. My advice would be set up at least 5 key boards and start pinning to them, others will just magically appear after that as you add content.

  • Great tip! I tried it immediately. And I have to say it never occurred to me before reading this. Thanks 🙂

  • This is one thing I’m trying to get better at! I’ve always done the tutorials, but trying to Pin the “eye candy” too.

    • I pin anything I think people might like the look of that is related to the content of the post. It’s too much fun sometimes and I end up on there for hours. Haha.

  • BlondieInk

    This was ridiculously helpful! I’m not reorganising my Pinterest as I type, ready to start embracing it more! Thank you 🙂

  • For some reason, often when I try top pin a blog post Pinterest doesn’t seem to “find” the image – it just shows images from my sidebar. What’s that about??!

    • It could be to do with how your post image is embedded. If you use your Pin It button here you’ll get all the sidebar images too. BUT you should get all the post images first. A no image means it’s not registering as an image on the page. Are you using WordPress or Blogger Janet? Maybe I can help sort it out.

      • WordPress … I seem to have been able to pin the last couple of times I’ve tried so hopefully whatever the problem was has now resolved itself!

  • Sarah – Style Unearthed

    This is a great article. I love using Pinterest for my blog. Definitely another way to get yourself out there 🙂

  • Ros

    Pinterest is my biggest referrer. It is great for crafty bloggers like me. Like Alyce, I tend to only pin my tutorials but I’m slowly starting to pin more. I’m with you on G+, I’ve tried but it feels like no one is there. Boring when there is no interaction.

    • It’s inching towards it for me now too. Interesting how times change. I see a lot of craft and recipe type pins do really well there. Someone once pinned a guest post about no-sew bunting that I hosted here and it still gets hits almost 2 years later… Crazy!

      Gah, Google+, what IS that? Haha.

  • WOW I never thought to do this and I’m a Pinterest junkie. I don’t even think I follow you on Pinterest. Oops. Better fix that 🙂

    • Oops indeed! How could you NOT. Haha. Let me know how you go with the tips after a week or two. I’m curious to hear.

  • Leah Mastilock

    Great advice! I was wondering where people usually pin their own stuff. Thanks!

    • You’re welcome! It really does work as long as you follow the tips. Good luck. 🙂

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  • Thanks for the tips Suger, I love seeing your pins. I really struggle with Pinterest, I think because I don’t really use it and clearly don’t get it. This year I’m going to make more of an effort to understand this mythical unicorn.

    • You’re welcome! And I think you should, your images would do really well on Pinterest. Just start by pinning 1 photo of yours and like 5 of someone else’s every day (set a reminder) for a month and see what happens. You’ll be surprised. Promise.

  • Haha, cute post and I definitely will start pinning. I think a few here and there will help 🙂

    • Thanks May! Pinning is SOOO much fun. Whether you use it for business or not. 😉