You’re hot and cold. One minute you’re here, the next, you’re not. In the past few weeks I’ve seen you twice, only for a minute or two at a time. That’s not the way it’s supposed to be. I need more of you. More from you. Some days I sit and wait for you. You are expected and wanted. I sit waiting. As someone with lessons in life to learn about patience you test me. I do my best to hang in there but I get annoyed, frustrated. Annoyed.

But you don’t care.

Not about me and even the grass doesn’t seem as green when you’re not here. The blue skies do nothing to make me happy. Only tumbling, storm clouds would make me feel any better but they don’t arrive. Still I wait. I wish I could say patiently but it’s just not true. The heat of the day sends a single droplet of sweat running down my back. I sigh and go back to wishing. To wishing and to waiting.

I wish it would rain already.

Stay safe you lot down south.

  • Goodness me Hun I read that until the second last line, thinking it was about something else entirely and felt sick in my stomach and was about to jump on email to you.
    Love you, you funny bugger, love your creative writing.

    • This may make me seem like a jerk, but haha! Got ya.
      Sorry hun! All rosy over here, promise. xo

  • I KNOW!!! I feel the same. Just rain dammit! And what happened to all the storms this season? I love watching storms and it just doesn’t feel like summer without them!

    • Just rain dammit indeed! We got another couple of spots today, nothing useful. Me toooooooo! Storms are my favourite. The best.