Today was the day my leave for the summer ended. The final day to do as I please completely. Today signalled the end of it all. Seriously the heartbreak of it. The soon to be post holiday blues descended early and with a little back strain mid-morning I was laid up feeling sorry for myself the entire day. Thank goodness for movies. Tomorrow I return to my job {errr part-time as it is!} and there’s nothing like summer to make you dream of returning to your retirement. I was retired once. Did you know that? It was a magical time.

Anywaaaays. These post holiday blues got me thinking about the holiday hangover. The extra kilograms around your middle, the strange recurrence of cellulite on my thighs as the muscle goes on leave and the general feeling of blah. It occurs to me that I’m suffering from a holiday hangover. Too much booze, food, lazing and indulgence. I’ve indulged every single whim I’ve had the past three weeks. And it shows. I dreamt the other night of a green juice. Seriously. It was frosty cold with the drip of condensation rolling down the side and looked very very inviting. You know it’s been too much when you dream of green juice and don’t have the will to blog about it until days later.

That’s it isn’t it. Like any other hangover it sucks the will to do anything from your bones. No will to write, to dress up, to do anything but lay wet from a shower in an air-conditioned room to escape the heat. Watching your stomach rise and fall in front of you as you breathe in a manner that shouldn’t be possible until you’re supremely pregnant. A holiday hangover leaves you with no energy, no drive and certainly no goodwill to your fellow-man. Gee whiz I’m grouchy. I’m an emotional wreck. Crap food, almost no activity and bad sleep patterns will do that to you.

Well they do it to me anyway.

So wish me luck. Lots of it. Because I know what comes next. Next comes the clean out, the return to the gym and pool, the return to the kitchen. And for no other reason than I want my life back. My mental health, my shape and my energy. Man I hate this sluggish slug I’ve become. When will I learn? What year will it be that I don’t carry on like this? Someone remind me next year would you?

Let the holiday blues be gone, replaced by something green I’m sure. Onwards folks. Onwards.

  • Trudie Bristow

    You posted it’s a start to conquering the blues. When I used to work full time and I used to get the returning o work blues, for the first week I was back at work each afternoon I’d have something fun planned to do. Having something fun planned to do after work helped me feel as though I was still be a little indulgent and still in holiday mood but weaning me off it at the same time. Perhaps you could try it….maybe an alfresco dinner at home with some candles and summer tunes, a pedicure after work, stop by a park or nice spot for a bit of reading for a half hour or so. It could be anything that’s not over the top but just something a little out of the norm of what you’d do. Hope it helps. I’ll be thinking of you today sweets. X

    • Indeed it is. I got really motivated today actually after I took the initial steps out of bed. There’s something really exciting about a new year! And YES, great suggestions, we had our fish dinner alfresco and it was practically like being back at the beach.

  • pioneerpat1

    I just take it day by day and try to enjoy it.

    I get two weeks off during the holidays and that is enough for me as I am ready to go back to work..

    • I know what you mean, the routine of work and having somewhere to go, something to do is soothing to me. I just wish I’d rein it in a little when I don’t have it because I DO love a good lounge around too. Haha.

  • 26 Years & Counting

    I’m in a weird state now too. I didn’t get time off over Christmas and it’s strange watching others coming back to work all rested when I feel dead to the world. And my contract ends in a few months anyway. In some ways, I kind of want to be there already, just for the time off (not for the aah how do I pay my rent panic though). I feel like I’m building to something, or preparing for something and I want to know what it is. Or I’m just worn out from no time off & a few bad weeks & this is all in my head…equally possible!

    • Ah yes. Well I noticed that too but in reverse. The other lady at reception with me worked the entire way through. Today she was almost tearing her hair out. Poor thing. I think I’d take my hangover over that any day. Good luck in the coming months! I hope it works out really well for you.