So here I am. I took some time last night to take stock of my life. Not in a serious way, but in a let’s see where I am right now. And you know what? I’m pretty darn happy with life right now. I am lucky enough to have and hold a Hubby that I adore. Even if, right this minute, he looks like a cave man. I am lucky enough to have a family, that despite me being as different to them as possible, love me to death. I must seem like a total outcast weirdo at some times to them. But they never flinch.

My parents, my siblings and their partners {and kid, hey Arleigh girl!} are wonderful and I am SO blessed to have them. My house, my car, my blog, my wardrobe… Just everything. The bursting with gratitude thing started this week. I’m grateful, to be here and to be loved and appreciated. 29 whole years on this planet and barely a minute wasted {napping isn’t wasted, no matter WHAT my Dad says}. I cannot WAIT to see what the next 12 months holds. I have this feeling like it’s going to be big things. But only time will tell.

Year  30 of my life, ready or not, here I come.

And the first destination? The gym. Catch you guys later.

  • Janellewestlake

    and we’re all very happy to have a great friend like you !!! Have a great day and enjoy your all but brief trip to Sydney next week

    • Melissa Walker Horn

      Thanks Nellie, such a lovely thing to say. I will, I’m SURE! 🙂

  • Kim

    Happy, happy, happy Birthday to you, Lovely Melissa. May your year of being 29 be the most wonderful yet. Lots a love, Kim xx

    • Melissa Walker Horn

      Thanks so much Kim. Looking forward to it. xo

  • Happy birthday gorgeous girl! May you not only have a wonderful day but a year full of wonderful xxoo

    • Melissa Walker Horn

      Thanks Leanne. I appreciate the wishes. Here we go for a big year. 🙂

  • Happy Birthday! Gratitude is the key to happiness and sounds like you’ve got it all going on. Good on you!! Sharing the positive vibes are the best. Enjoy every minute of being 29 🙂

    • Melissa Walker Horn

      Thanks so much Dawn. I think you’re SO right. Gratitude expressed and shared is the key. have a great day. xo

  • Beck @ Rambling Mummy

    Happy Birthday Suger!!!

    • Melissa Walker Horn

      Thanks Beck!

  • Hope you have an awesome day!! 

    • Melissa Walker Horn

      It’s going swimmingly so far! Thanks Gill.

  • Happy Birthday!!
    Napping is definitely NOT a waste of time.
    Napping is rejuvenating time.
    Have a great day.

    • Melissa Walker Horn

      Wait until I tell my Dad. Haha. Thanks River. xox

  • My Vintage Vow

    Happy Birthday.
    I remember being 29 and just so looking forward to my 30’s.
    One year left in the twenties all sorts of possibilties ahead in twelve months.
    Have a great time and let magic happen.

    • Melissa Walker Horn

      Thanks Trudie! It’s a year of awesome, I can tell already. 🙂

  • Happy Birthday! Hope you have  a great one 🙂

    • Melissa Walker Horn

      Thanks so much. It’s going beautifully. xo

  • Happy Birthday!!!! 🙂 xx

    • Melissa Walker Horn


  • whiningattheworld

    Happy Birthday! I hope you have a great one surrounded by your family.

    • Melissa Walker Horn

      Thanks E. In fact, that’s exactly the sort of day I have been having.

  • stinkb0mb

    a very happy birthday gorgeous gal! from what i’ve read on twitter today, you’ve been having a lovely day, surrounded by those you love & cherish – just how a birthday should be spent!!

    enjoy the last year of your 20’s, relish every moment & catch naps when you can because 30 is where the fun begins, no time for napping!!

    love ya guts


    • Melissa Walker Horn

      Thank you Rach. It’s been a lovely day. Just lovely. Great advice, though I can’t imagine not wanting to nap. HA.

  • Hope you are having a fabulous day! xxxxxxxxx

    • Melissa Walker Horn

      Thanks! I AM.

  • Jane Lennox

    Happy birthday!  Sounds like you are having an awesome day!!

    • Melissa Walker Horn

      I am, thanks! 😀

  • Leanne Shea Langdown

    OMG. You’re so young! I feel ancient in comparison.  Have a fabulously wonderful and very youthful birthday week 🙂 

    • Melissa Walker Horn

      Haha. Yup! It’s all relative I suppose. Thanks lovely. I’m having a great time. 

  • Sarah

    Happy Birthday for yesterday Melissa. I’m always late to the party but had a blog free day yesterday!

    I hope you had the most awesome day possible as you float your way through decades:)

    • Melissa Walker Horn

      Thanks! And thanks for the wishes. I’m hoping so too!

  • Kel

    Happy birthday awesome woman! I have no doubt the next 12 months will be fantastic for you 🙂 x

    • Melissa Walker Horn

      Thanks Kel. I hope you’re right. Fingers crossed. 😀

  • Happy (belated) Birthday!!! 

    • Melissa Walker Horn

      Thanks Nat! xo

  • sheribombblog

    A BIG Happy Birthday to you Suger girl! Sorry it’s a tad late but I hope you had a birthday weekend that was even half as amazing as you. Big love xoxox

    • Melissa Walker Horn

      Thank you lovely. I did. Thanks for the love. xox