I used Hubby’s camera mount & attached my new flash HD movie recording camera to the steering wheel to give you a driving tour of all this WATER. Here’s the view heading off the highway at Gympie, crossing the Mary River. This bridge went under less than two weeks ago with a river peak of 16m. Today they are predicting 13.5m {moderate peak for Gympie}. And it’s still raining, hard. So we are keeping our fingers crossed that we’ll escape without another major flood event this year and the poor businesses in low lying areas will get a break, this time.

  • Thea

    You are a clever thing!

    • Thanks! I’m glad I figured out something more effective than masking taping it. 😉

  • Bloody hell! Stay safe! That is a lot of water..

    • It is. Should peak tonight, IF it EVER stops raining. 🙁

  • Danielle

    stay dry and dear rain please stop raining. I need to get to brisbane on friday.

    • Will do!

      And the rain, well it better hold up its end of the bargain.

  • cate pearce

    Feel so bad for everyone getting flooded, the amount of water is incredible. In Adelaide, I have been watering my garden, so dry. Crazy stuff.

    • It’s amazing the amount of water out there. This is our second flood in 2 weeks. Moderate this time, major last fortnight. And to think, they tried to tell us it would never rain like this again. 😉

      Enjoy your garden.