When I purchased this blazer I planned to wear it for work. Spice things up a bit. Add a splash of colour. THEN I realised that I still had this dress in the back of my cupboard and that they could be blue friends together. It made a nice change to have some colour on colour in an outfit. Even if the bag, heels and belt were good old black. I think my pink blazer could work with this one too. Maybe with nude accessories. Actually I might do just that.

I’ve also had these cute shoes for a while {I also have them in red} but they are sitting down shoes. With virtually no sole to them they are hard going on the feet after a day in the office. So they get to come out to go to dinner and sit down gatherings only. But what’s not to love. A suede look finish that perfectly matches this belt and works beautifully with this very girly look. Now, if only I could remember not to scrunch up my shoulders when taking photos. Haha.

Dress – ASOS Curve {Last year}

Blazer – ASOS Curve

Bag – gift from my Mum

Shoes – Women by Peter Morrissey for BigW

{no existing brand relationships apply}

  • Yes, yes, yes, love, love, loveeee it. You look amazing.
    The blue on blue is fab. Pink on blue would be great even with red heels. You know yellow heels would work too. You know I love colour and it would seem I love the word love in this here comment on your post.

    You’re working this look, you sweet thing you. X

    • Thanks Trudie! And wouldn’t you know it, I JUST got rid of some yellow shoes. Sigh. Maybe next time. Looking forward to trying it with the pink. Thanks for the suggestions. 😀

  • never thought of doing blue on blue before, it looks so good!

  • river

    I’m not so sure I like the blues. The dress is okay, the jacket is fine, but together they’re a little…..I hesitate to say “off”, but something isn’t quite right. The dress is a shimmery “princess at the ball” pale blue and the jacket is cobalt bright. Perhaps if the jacket was still blue, but a shade greyer…….deeper?
    Anyway….the last photo with relaxed shoulders is good, now next time try turning the toes out a bit, instead of in, on your leading foot.
    *sigh* I’m so critical.
    (please don’t hate me, please don’t hate me, please don’t hate me…)

    • I see what you’re saying – but I tend to disagree. They are actually tonally similar and perfect for colour-blocking…

      I think black is a little harsh with it though – I’d go with a fuchsia (I have seen fuchsia heels at Big W) and a fuchsia belt rather than black. Overall, blue really suits you! x

      • Believe me, if I HAD a fuchsia belt and shoes, I totally would! I considered using the nude belt and shoes that I do have and probably would for normal wear.

    • Oh River. One day you’ll just say, that looks nice and I’ll have to assume you’ve been abducted by aliens. Haha. 😛

      Thanks for the photo taking tips. I’ll try and remember them, I’m such a numpty poser.

  • Using your idea I have done my first every {She Wore What?} post http://blog.mummybrain.com/2012/07/shoes-she-wore-what.html I am excited at this first step. Being a larger lady, I find it hard to imagine posting things – I’m looking forward to gaining more confidence and doing more!

    • Great news! Before you know it you’ll be posting all sorts of things. Congratulations on your first step. 🙂

  • sheribombblog

    Love that dress! So lovely! A cute outfit overall but I’d definiately love to see the pink too 🙂

    • Thanks Sheri! The pink only occurred to me when I was putting it together. Can’t wait myself!

  • Oh! I have that dress too! I don’t wear it enough, I may have to dig it out now. It looks great with the blazer but I want to see you style it with the pink too now!

    • Dig it out! I haven’t worn mine in ages, it’s like having a whole new dress.

  • Laura

    Sitting-down shoes make me sad. I have to walk around a lot for work so I can’t wear pretty sitting-down shoes =o( I wear them at weekends though!

    I like this look, and it kind of reminds me of a same-but-opposite one that superkawaiimama wore!


    • Same. I have to wear shoes with a sole for work or I’m limping around. They’re on high rotation on the weekend though. The weekends I’m not just bumming around home. 😉

      Good spot, it does have a similar feel to it!