What can I say, sometimes a girl needs to step it up a notch and heat up date night. Especially if date night has involved an awful lot of lazy take out and dull old drive thru. So when I received this dress in the mail from new Aussie brand Harlow I knew it was going to make an appearance reeeeeally soon. It’s a sexy date night dress. Full stop.

It has this slippery feel to it that’s not only comfy to wear but it is really tactile… If that makes sense. And as far as I’m concerned anything that leads to more touching is a good thing. HA. The stars had aligned and a week or two before Liv had loaned me this fab gold belt, then Diva had a sale and I picked up this necklace. I’m not much of a gold wearer usually but I wanted to mix up the black dress combo a little.

Then I picked up these AMAZING heels from Martina and it made for a quick and easy outfit decision. I love when that happens. Insert cute Hubby with great arms, dinner somewhere nice {no paper napkins, I mean} and a quick stop by the parking lot at Woolworths and if that’s date night, I’ve had it. Now let’s check out the photos and discuss for a minute how beautifully photogenic cement can be sometimes, shall we…?

plus size Harlow Australia dress 008

plus size Harlow Australia dress 006

plus size Harlow Australia dress 002

plus size Harlow Australia dress 004

plus size Harlow Australia dress 009

OMG, my vanity almost stopped me putting that one in. I was having a moment of back/hip fat’itis. But you know what, my body squishes and moves when I do. Especially when I cock my hip to one side in an attempt to show off the hemline of this dress including the cute side splity hem thingy. And that’s just the way it is, I’m squishy, moving on.

Didn’t I tell you outfit photos are the best for getting over yourself. Heck. People look at me from behind all the time. I’ve never once had anyone run screaming from the building. It’s strange, like hearing your voice recorded. I don’t sound like that, you say. But you do. Mostly. It’s a little distorted by the process but it’s pretty accurate. This posed photo of my butt is the same thing. Don’t you think?

plus size Harlow Australia dress 003

plus size Harlow Australia dress 005

plus size Harlow Australia dress 007

Dress – Harlow* Size 18 {gifted}
Belt – ASOS {borrowed}
Necklace – Diva {Finally in Gympie!}
Pumps – Evans

{disclosure policy}

*As you will see on the website, this dress is designed to be a looser fit. But I think either way works. After sitting in it for a while for dinner it had given a little but not much. I can’t imagine it would ever get much looser. I’m normally more of a 20/22 so keep that in mind if you decide to purchase.

  • As I said on FB at your sneak peak, ravishing. I shan’t imagine how your date night ended but it wouldn’t surprise me wink, wink. Is it too early in the morning for those suggestive comments? Woman you’re friggin’ hot, hot, hot in is number. Nothing more nothing less just a hottie.

  • Amy Wells

    I love that entire outfit ( though I probably would have worn my fave cage-style heels ) and as for your bottom? If I may say so you are rocking your curvalicious booty! And no matter what size you are, EVERYONE gets that roll thing when they cock their hip!

    • Thank you muchly Amy. You’re right, of course, it’s funny how brainwashed we are {I am} when something like a fold of skin seems so out of place… Speaks volumes.

  • I have that dress in gold and styled it almost exactly the same, great minds baby you look amaze x

  • Harlow HQ

    Looking FABULOUS! love the way you have styled it up! Its the great thing about this dress, you can dress it up for a steamy date night, with some heels and great accessories or down with some flats & let the dress speak for itself…….so glad you love it as much as we do!

    • Thank you for the beautiful dress. I love it. So does Hubby. Haha.

      • pleasure, we love that you love it! we are excited to announce that our very own on-line store http://www.harlowstore.com is now open, would love for you & your readers to come on over and take a look, as well as sign up for our monthly newsletter. we have an opening special that end tonight, 10% off and free shipping Australia wide

  • This dress looks so much better on you than on the Iconic model! It looks shapeless and oversized on her – not at all flattering.

    Love the way you styled it, and that skirt shape gives you a great silhouette. I bet you gave Gympie a thrill! x

    • Thank you Ms Elizabeth. I’m sure I did. Haha. But it doesn’t take much to thrill them on a rainy Wednesday night in Gympie town. 😉

  • Sophie

    Looking good! “anything that leads to more touching is a good thing. HA” – I hear ya 😉

  • I think the fit looks great. I love how you styled it too. Rachel x

  • Carly Findlay

    I like this dress and would love to know if it came in a size 10?
    Looks great on you 🙂

    • Thank you. It starts at a 16 from memory, sorry Carly. And the 16 would fit more like it fits the model which is the looser fit. Out of luck this time, I think, my friend.

  • Guh! You look amazing, I LOVE that dress so much and I think the gold accents really makes the outfit!

  • SpiikerKat

    I prefer it on you to the model also, before they added the belt, it was reminding me of an oversized t shirt.
    You look gorgeous, and I really love that necklace too!

    • Thank you lovely. I LOVE the photo of the model in the belt though, very cute.
      The necklace was on the sale rack and too awesome to leave behind.

  • HOTTIE!!!! I sooooo wanted this dress!! Its all sold out in my size! Maybe I’ll have to borrow yours?? xx

    • Of course. You’ve been more than generous with me, of course I can share this one!

  • God, this dress is gorgeous. I’ve been searching for this dress everywhere but it’s all sold out online. If you ever get tired of it…. I might know a buyer.. 😉

    • Haha. No problem. I’ll probably wear it to death before I get sick of it. Sorry lovely. BUT I will keep my eyes peeled for you. 😉

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