Some week’s fly bye. Zip past before you can even take a moment to review them. I’ve been to Brisbane twice. Worked more than my 20 hours. Cooked lots. Jogged too {Couch to 5km, Week 4 people! THAT took me a few attempts.}. You know, and the rest. And as I drove the two and a bit hours home tonight I thought about it all. About life. The path I’ve been on since quitting sugar. The longer path of trying to become a mother. And about running. Jogging at this stage, but running. The process that on this blog is called ‘go on get healthy’ category wise.

As far as updates go, I’m still sugar-free and jogging at least 3 times a week. My plan this week is to reduce the carbs in my diet as weight loss has stopped. I really feel like I need to drop a few more kilos off. Running is hard work at this size, let me tell YOU. I’m pretty cool about it. I can see easily where I can remove them without suffering. I’m keeping breakfast carbs as being sugar-free limits my options enough as it is. Dinner will be hit hard. Thermomix and the yummy mushroom risotto have a lot to answer for. Even Hubby is looking a little chubby thanks to this darn tasty dish {and the sheer volume of the portions it serves up!}.

But there’s something I’ve learnt over the past 6 months. And that’s that life keeps ticking past. Whether I do something or not. Whether I join in or not. So I might as well fill my days. Laughed and hang out with my Hubby. Drink coffee and talk with friends. Lunch and laugh with bloggers. Jog in front of reality tv. I might as well find joy and do it. Life’s too short. It’s time to go after what I want now. Come what may.

2012 is, after all, my year.

  • I agree with this sentiment so much but from the point of emotional and mental health. When I lost my twin girls in 2008 , it was and still is the biggest life altering event for me. An event that if I don’t keep working and journeying through and beyond can stop you in your tracks and keep you there. I knew in the early days after I lost them that I just had to find a path through to find, life, joy, happiness, laughter, light even if there are more challenges and setbacks on the way (and there has been).

    I guess it comes down to that old saying of what is life without living, so you might as well fill it up, breath it in and enjoy it.

    Much love to you and all your dreams this year, your year. X

    • This is so perfect. I think sometimes I forget my mental and emotional health. And seeing the joy and light you’ve achieved in your life, well, that’s about all the incentive I need to make it a priority.

  • I like the idea of running, but my feet and shins don’t. I’ve even given up riding the bike until my thighs stop aching. I’ll get back to it though, it’s a great feeling zipping along.

    • I like the idea of it too. More and more my body comes on board with the idea. But my brother did recommend cycling if running was too hard on the legs. I don’t think I’ve cycled since I was a kid!

  • Talia

    You should have a search for info on gluten sensitivity. Apparently tons of people suffer from it (it’s not like full blow gluten intolerance though). Would definitely help you elliminate most carbs, but you could still keep some yummy things- like risotto & potato!