Today I woke up early and celebrated it. FULL.

But not early enough to run and beat myself up about it. EMPTY.

Couldn’t find anything to wear, some too big. Some lost. EMPTY/FULL. 

I made it to work early and was happy to be there. FULL.

But had forgotten breakfast again and wondered if it would un-do everything. EMPTY.

 I had lunch with my Mum, Aunt, niece and one of my cousins and basked in the love of my family. FULL.

But I couldn’t help but check the time and wish it was finished already. I was busy. EMPTY.

It was hot so I changed into comfy clothes and worked under the fan. FULL.

My air conditioner should have been working. And it wasn’t. EMPTY.

I ran. FULL.

But I sucked today. EMPTY.

Do you find that during the day you are at the impact of your circumstances. Whether I’m having a good or a bad day is not only down to what happens to me, but it’s down to what I say to myself about it. Glass full, glass empty. It’s the same thing. Lunch with my family should have been wonderful. But I was present. Losing a pair of pants shouldn’t have sent me into a short, but still frustrating tail spin. How much do you let your circumstances dictate what you are going to achieve today and how you feel about doing it?

I think, if you look, it’s a LOT.

  • stinkb0mb

    if something “empty” happened to me i would most definitely, not just let it affect me in that moment but the whole day.


    if something “empty” happens, i deal with it in that moment and then move on. i don’t let it affect the rest of my day or my activities – it’s not easy and believe me it took a lot of effort to get to this point but i’ve wasted so much of my life letting things stop me from being happy, i just reached a point where i said enough was enough. crap happens that drags you down but you contain it, deal with it and move on! 🙂

    oh and why did you suck today?


    • I think this is exactly the way to deal with it. Face it, deal, right this second and let it go. I keep my fingers crossed for more and more short turn arounds on the EMPTY front.

      I just did. I didn’t have the stamina, my legs felt like they weighed a ton and I was recovering badly. So I did it slowly. Half walking, half running and I’ll do week four again this week. Week four take two. 😉 I got some good advice that there will be days like that and got over it. Onwards and upwards.

      • stinkb0mb

        onwards and upwards – perfectly put. that’s helped me immensely this year – falling off the wagon is fine, as long as you dust yourself off and climb straight back on it!


        • Dusting, climbing. Promise. Thanks for sharing this with me lovely. You rule. xo

  • Kelsey

    Yep – the only person making you unhappy is you!

    Mind you, sometimes it only takes the simplest of things to go wrong in the morning (like banging my knee on the bedside table AGAIN!) to set the tone for my whole day. It has also taken me a long time to learn to deal with the “empties” and move forward, but it definitely improves your outlook and lets you enjoy the simple things….like lunch with the family 🙂

    • And to think, the Ellenor Roosevelt quote about no one can make you feel inferior without your consent is one of my all time FAVOURITES. To be present. To let go. To just be. Ahhh, what amazing skills to have.

  • I think mot people have days where the mood of the day is set by one event or series of of little ones that got their goat. I used to be the type of person that where it would have me in a broody mood all day. But these days I’m able to catch myself feeling this way before it sets in for the day (of course there is the odd time it doesn’t happen). But nowadays I catch that mood and attitude and try and capture opportunities to turn it around see the positive or lesson and get going again.

  • Trina

    I am lacking the motivation or the sheer determination at the moment. I am doing a lot of excercise which is great but cant seem to get the eating there with it. So my mantra at the moment is just for today! So today I am going to eat all the right things, drink my 2 litres of water and do my excercise this afternoon. Today it is happening. If I think of it as longer than that I just get down cause it seems like it will never end.

    • Ugh. And it takes so much motivation to keep weight loss going. I’m a bit the same. Motivated on the exercise front but I keep putting anything I like {pretty much} in my mouth. Refocus time! Ready? GO. 😉

  • Love this post! Love the line by line analysis. And love the blog design, btw. Sweet!

    • Thanks. I’m glad you enjoyed it.

      And thanks re: the blog design, I’m finally happy with it myself. 😀

  • My “empty” moments zip by so fast they barely register. They’re just not worth it.

    Slightly off topic, but related……glass half full? Dust it for prints and find out who stole your drink.