I’m guest posting over at Stay at Home Mum today on the topic of getting yourself bank ready for buying a home or refinancing. First home or second, fourth or refinancing for improvements. Pop on over and show me some love. It’s my first spot over at this MASSIVELY popular blog and I’m feeling a little nervous. Ok. A lot nervous.

I’ll be back with more later.

  • I went over and read all your pre-mortgage tips and agree with all of them. In years past, I’ve done most of those things time and again just to get my ex out of trouble with his credit cards and missed car payments. In the end, when he left me for his girlfriend (after I’d paid OFF two of his cards), I phoned the remaining credit companies and told them I’d no longer be making apyments, they’d have to chase him for the money. ha Ha. Since then, I’ve never owed anyone anything.Still can’t afford a mortgage though…

    • Melissa Walker Horn

      Thanks River. Sorry to hear you had to manage all that. To be honest that was a bit of a fear of mine after I bought my first house, that I’d end up with someone who left me with debts. Luckily I found Hubby who is better with savings than I am. We make a good team.